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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday
-If I am itching to put up our Christmas decorations.
Like dyyyying.
I randomly told the hubs "soooo everyone is instagram and blogging world
has their Christmas decorations already up"
Long pause......and then I get "well that's just crazy"
So its a no go on the Christmas decor over here.
-Black Friday I will be putting up my Christmas decor.
Ride or die hubs!
-If I can't help but check my email a million times in one day
waiting for the email from our photographer.
We got our Christmas pictures done on Sunday and I just know
they are going to fabulous!
-My boy was covered in glitter for the shoot.
It will be cute.
-If I was raging sick last week.
Like came to work with no makeup on, didn't brush my hair,
and was in my PJ's.
Thank goodness the boss was not in and no clients came in.
I looked ssssccccary.
-If I maybe decided to skip Blissdom this year and try and schedule
a Shop/Eat/Drink meet up.
Any thoughts?
Wanna come?!


Karen said...

I keep asking earlier and earlier to put our tree up. We put it up last weekend. My husband's family made fun of us, but I don't really decorate for any other holiday and I LOVE Christmas.

Crispin said...

I want to come!

Kera @ Nugget On A Budget said...

Hi lady! New follower via the Like Me On Facebook hop {blog, FB, Twitter}. I'm loving the name of your true! Your little boy is adorable. Come stop by my blog sometime!

Meg Smith said...

I want to put up my decorations in the worst way, but that would require that's where my motivation stops! Must get on that! I'm impressed that you've already done your Christmas pictures!!! You are on the ball! The most festive things I've done are pinning yummy treats and listening to Christmas music (since a week before Halloween!).

Love your blog; the name caught my eye and I had to check it out!

sarah smart said...

Found you on So What Wednesday link follower :) I need to get more in the spirit and get the christmas decorations out too! Maybe just getting them out will put me more in the Christmas mood :)

Mix of 6 Blog said...

It's so nice to see so many people in the Christmas mood wanting to decorate already! new follower from So What.

-Heather - private just use contact to gain access.

Ashley said...

I've started to Christmas decor already! lol

Glad you are feeling better and can't wait to see the pictures!

kaizengirl said...

I'm itching to put up our Christmas decorations too!
I'm nearly 9 months pregnant and can't imagine mustering much energy in the weeks ahead, better take advantage of it while I can.

Though I know my hubs is going to think it's ridiculously early...maybe I'll just tell him to think ahead 2 weeks for when I'll be giving instructions for him to do it while I plop down on the couch, gestating :-)