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Friday, November 9, 2012

Support Our Troops::Shutterfly Style::

Shutterfly is a class act.
Not only do they produce quality custom stationary,
but they walk around with their heart on their sleeves.
And I just love that about any company.
Especially a company as large as Shutterfly.
They want to Thank The Troops.

And they want our help!!
You can personally thank the troops by sending a card to them.
And the best part is that its FREE!
You can tell our amazing selfless troops thank you,
all on Shutterfly's dime.
Just pick which card you would like to send,
personalize it,
you can even add your own photo,
and send it.
Its that easy.
With Veteran's Day around the corner
this is the perfect time to say a simple
Thank you.
to create your own card.
Don't forget to share it with your family and friends
 (there is the option once you complete your card)

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