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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Double Diaper Trick

This Mama right here...
Is sick of washing sheets, blankies, stuffies, lovies, PJ's and whatever else gets thrown into this bed after he is "sleeping" in there. 
Day in and day out, I got my washer running non stop.
My toddler is not even potty trained yet and I am already
going through loads and loads of laundry on a weekly basis.
It must stop.
For the sake of my electric and water bill.
If C wants any sorts of a Christmas he better keep his pee contained.
I kid, I kid.
So, I have come up with a solution.
Since I have started putting TWO,
yes, dos
diapers on my sweet face at night.
Only at night.
I have been pee free.
Enter Angels singing!
Do I get some sort of reward for this?
Maybe a medal that says
"I am pee free!"
And yes, Ill take it and wear it proudly.
Never, ever, would I have thought I would say that
I would proudly wear anything that has the word "pee" on it.
But when ya got a toddler you just don't care.
A pee medal it is!
So, Mama's stop with Toddlers stop your loud of wash right now...
well, actually don't...
keep the cycle going,
but next time you diaper your toddler before bedtime,
think of this post,
and remember,
"don't be silly protect his willy"
with two diapers that is.


Karen said...

I've thought about doing that with my son. He leaks through a few nights a week. Laundry is never ending in our house too. I hate potty training!

Sarah said...

I did this too! The I figured out that they sold night time diapers and found those worked pretty well too. I have 2 kids still in diapers and I swear I am throwing a HUGE party when the last is finally potty trained!

Lindsey said...

Have you done the Huggies overnight diapers? Go up one size than what he normally wears and pull up a little higher in the front.

Ashley said...

yay for pee free! my first didn't have this problem I fear my second will lol

Anonymous said...

Hahaha "don't be silly protect his willy"

Leah @ ThreeFites said...

Question... How do you use two diapers? Do you put one right over the other one? I've got a 2 1/2 year old that wets through his diapers quite often and I'd love a solution that doesn't involve everything becoming damp and having to wash blankets/sheets every night!

Becky said...

I don't know why I never thought of that. I am so going to do this, because my little man leaks through his diapers at least 2 or 3 nights a week.