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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Jingle Bell Rock Blog Hop::Elf On The Shelf::

It's Christmas time on the blog!
I think all of us Mama's can relate to the fun in Christmas.
Not only the gift giving, decorating, holiday treats,
 but the good 'ol Elf on the Shelf!
I would like to formally introduce you to
Alan is is one heck of a creepy little guy,
but awfully cute at the same time.
Despite feeling like he is constantly watching me and could possibly kill me at any moment.
I think the silly little guy is growing on me.
Today I am hoping you will link up your Elf on the Shelf ideas with me.
Here are some silly acts we have done in our house.
We try to keep it clean around here.

Yoga Elf.
Alan likes to work on his fitness.
He jams out to who else but Fergie and "Fergilicious"
sometimes he will switch it up to
"Baby Got Back"
The guy has some great music sense.

Since Alan likes to hit the bottle pretty hard,
we try to keep his beverage of choice out of reach,
but he fooled us this time.
He found his drink of choice, Syrup straight up with a straw.

Alan sometimes gets scared by all the crazy boy toys in the house.
Oh Alan, don't be frightened they are just plastic.

And what Elf doesn't need a break from all the flying around
to and from the North Pole.
His guilty pleasure is Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Alan is very high maintance.
He likes to keep himself Fresh to Death.
Ya know, like the guys from Jersey Shore.
He told me he has a crush on the Situation.

Sometimes he can be found in the freezer.
He misses home and its too hot in Florida for Mr. Alan.

Naughty Elf!
Getting into Mommy's purse.
As long as your purchas something from Tory Burch,
this Mama won't be mad at 'cha.
Don't forget to link up and join in on the Jingle Bell Rock Blog Hop Giveaway fun!

 And here is a list of all the giveaway items up for grabs!


Unknown said...

LOVE the freezer idea! Thanks for hosting such a cute link-up!

Sondra said...

Love love all your ideas!! I can't wait till my pumpkin is old enough to do this...although I could always start now and have some fun for myself! LOL

ChatterBlossom said...

Creepy and cute equals great holiday tradition! ;-)
Thanks for joining the hop!
Your newest follower,

~Mom Wife Boss Life~ said...

Omg! Such cute ideas! I think next year when my son is almost 3 he will be old enough! Found you on blog hop hope you'll check me out and follow... I'm your newest follower!

xx Kelly

Run DMT said...

What a fun linky party! I love the yoga and the freezer idea! That is so cute! I've shared a few on my blog and I'll add another link when our elf goes wild.

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

Ha ha I love all the creative places you've hidden Alan! The freezer is the best!

Mel said...

Love the girl's ice cream party invites from Pretty Paper Parties. :)

Mel said...

Ooooo the Shape Sorting Barn from Infantino is adorable!

Mel said...

Love the Christmas Tree Shirt! :)

Mel said...

The Wonderland necklace from Stella and Dot might just be my fav!