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Friday, March 30, 2012

My Friday's Fancies ::April Showers::

april showers

Whats the saying?
April showers brings May's flowers.
Something like that.
I hate the rain.
I live in Florida so the rain is pretty inevitable.

I would like to spend my day cozyed up in a Starbucks
with this fabulous outfit on and with these lovely reads.
Gotta have Vogue and an iPad!

I can't wait to see what everyone else came up
with outfit wise.
I love a good rainy lazy day.
And of course you gotta do it in style!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

4 Years

It's our 4 year wedding anniversary today!
I thought I would share our first dance song lyrices with you all.
This song is totally us.
I feel like we get wrapped up in our daily every day lives
and don't tell each other how much we love each other.
I need to do better with this.
We never know when our time is and I want him to not have
a single doubt in his mind that I loved him over the moon and back.

Please enjoy the lyrics :)

You're there by my side
I know that you will not forsake me
I give you my life
Would not think twice
Your love is all I need, believe me

I may not say it quite as much as I should
But when I say I love you darlin' that means for good
So open up your heart and let me in

And I will love you, till forever
Until death do us part we'll be together
So take my hand, and hold on tight
And we'll get there
And this I swear

I'm wonderin' how
I ever got by
Without you in my life to guide me
Wherever I go
The one thing that's true
Is everything I do I do for you

I may not say it half as much as I should
When I say I love you darlin' that means for good
So open up your heart and let me in

And I will love you, till forever
Until death do us part we'll be together
So take my hand, and hold on tight
And we'll get there
This I swear

So whenever you get free
Just reach out for me
I'll never let you down, my love

And I will love you, until forever
Until death do us part we'll be together
So take my hand, and hold on tight
We'll get there

And I will love you, until forever
Until death do us part we'll be together
So take my hand, and hold on tight
And we'll get there, ooh we'll get there
This I swear

-Nick Lachey

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Time Must Haves!

According the the calendar March 20th marks the official day of SPRING!
So bring on all the pastels and bright colors!

I love shift dresses and flip flops for spring.
Isn't that dress gorgeous!

As you know I love a pop of color.
And this hot pink skirt is so beautiful!

I have a slight obsessions with the Kardashians.
And these turquoise jeans on Kim scream spring!
Love, love, love!

I must have this necklace!!
Its on back order and they are taking presale right now.
I don't think I can wait until April to get it.
I want it now!!

So what are your must haves for Spring?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Screen Time"

With all this technology our kids have
 they are bound to be little geniuses.
There is of course TV, DVD's, computers,
hand held games like Nintendo DS and now the iPad.
All of these are great learning tools but
when is enough enough?

This is something we are struggling with in our house.
We find it too easy to put in a DVD and let Colby
watch Elmo while we are getting ready or
when we are tired and just want to veg out ourselves.
Before you know it he has already watched 45 mins
to an hour of TV.

But what Colby is addicted to is the iPad.
He swipes his little fingers across  the screen,
taps the app buttons to hop around to each app and play.
If we don't let him have it to play with...
well, he lets us have it.
It's a full on tantrum thrown down with a side of a cry fest.

Have we spoiled him with the iPad??
Did we go overboard and create an iPad monster?

The hubs and I decided that the iPad obsession has gone too far.
We have to do something about it.

We came up with "Screen Time" rules.
Colby is only allowed to have 2 hours of "Screen Time" a day.
And what that entails is simple.
Anything that has a screen is timed.
He only gets 2 hours a day.
And the 2 hours is most certainly not all at one time.
A show here, and there, and some play time on the iPad throughout the day.

He has a ton of educational apps on the iPad.
From books to games to silly apps that he just loves.
Talking Gina is his ultimate fav!

Is 2 hours too much?
I don't know?
How do any parents know what is the actual right thing to do?

Some days he will go all day and night without watching TV or playing with the iPad.
So, I think its a good balance for us right now.

I can't wait to share Colby's favorite apps with you all soon.
Hopefully you will find some new good ones for your little ones.
If you haven't checked out Talking Gina, you must.
She keeps Colby entertained for a while and he just giggles and giggles at her.
It's not by any means educational but its still a fun app.

So what are your rules for TV watching and iPad play in your house?
Have any suggestions for us?

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Friday, March 23, 2012

My Friday Fancies {FSU!}


I am not a basketball fan but...
I am an FSU fan!
So I thought I would do a game day outfit around my Noles!

Game day is a big thing up in Tallahassee.
And its not your standard jersey, or FSU tee.
The girls go all out and dress is cutesy garnet and gold.
Most people who have no idea that the girls are even going to a sporting event
because they look so cute and dolled up.

So here is to my Noles baby!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Monogrammed Necklace

I of course heart all things monogrammed.
I have been wanting a monogrammed necklace for a while now
but just didn't want so shell out a grand for one.

I ran across Moon & Lola while browsing the good 'ol time sucker I call Pinterest.
They have these beautiful acrylic monogrammed necklaces.
And they are affordable!

These necklaces do not disappoint and are the perfect spring time accessory.
Take a lot for yourself...

I told you they were pretty.
Want one now?
I thought so.

Check out the necklace I got in the mail last week.

Its gorgeous.
I love it!
I want to wear it with everything!
I choose the tortoise with a gold chain.
I wear a lot of browns so it will go with a lot of outfits I wear.

I think I might get another one in a more fun color.
It will be sure to add the perfect pop of color to my spring time wardrobe.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Toddler Activities {Oh How Pinterest-ing}

Yes I am a full time working mom so the time I spend with Colby
is very precious to me.
I want him to remember his mommy as being the "fun mommy!".
That he did all these cool projects with his mommy.

So when the weekend rolls around I try to make the best of my time with him.
Thank goodness for Pinterest and all it's amazing ideas.
I seriously don't know how these people come up with these ideas.
I guess when you have a tantrum throwing, screaming bloody murder toddler, you have to come up with something creative to keep your sanity.

First up are these chalkboard blocks.
How fun are these?!
You can do so many different things with him and they would be a great learning tool.
All while being fun and colorful.
Oh, and they would make a great inexpensive gift too.
I know I would love to receive these.

Next up are these fun, bright, finger paints.
I have actually made them and they are so easy.
You most likely have all the ingredients in your pantry already.
I would highly recommend you give these a try.
They will keep your toddler busy for a while.
Oh, and expect to get crazy messy!
But that's the fun in it right?!

These are colorful "rocks" that you can play with in the bathtub or in the snow.
What you do is take a balloon, fill it up with a drop of food coloring, water, freeze,
snip the balloon off, and wahla!
 Colorful rocks.
I am thinking about using these with Colby's water table and maybe in a sandbox.
It would make for some colorful sand.

I have been eyeing this activity board for a while now.
And I will make it!
All it is, is a big oil drip pan from Walmart.
Throw some paint and chalkboard paint on it.
Add any fun embellishments you want, and you have yourself
a pretty activity board for your toddler.

This stuff looks so cool!!
I cant wait to make it and play in it with him.
It sounds super easy to make.

Bath crayons.
Your toddler can go crazy and write on the walls...
but its easy clean up because they can write on the inside of the bath tub with them.
Colby would go crazy over this one.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Easter Ideas

Easter Ideas

I was having a conversation with my mother in law this past weekend
 and she brought to my attention that Easter is in 19 days from now!
Holy heck, where has the time gone?
I swear we were just ripping open presents on Christmas morning
and now we are going to be celebrating that Jesus has risen.
I had plans on decorating my house all cute and springy for the Easter holiday...
but that just didn't happen.
I guess I still have some time but I honestly I doubt it will actually get done.

This Mama/Easter Bunny needs to get a move on putting together Colby's Easter basket.
I put together a, for the most part, gender neutral Easter basket to give you all some ideas on what to get your sweet little bunnies for Easter.

From starting at the top and moving clockwise...
I want to start Colby on the potty training track and will
use any fun tool necessary to get this baby out of diapers.
If Elmo and cheerios is what it takes, I'm all for it!
This little boy loves Thomas.
So maybe some trains for Easter will be appropriate.
Maybe throw in a new movie too.
Don't forget to add some baby sunblock to your basket.
Because really why not?
All kids love balls and a big beach ball will be perfect for the spring.
I want to start working on C's fine and gross motor skills more
and think these blocks will be perfect.
And it must be a Jelly Cat.
Why? Because Jelly Cat's are so stinking cute!
We are big fans!
Can't forget to have the Easter basket now can you.
Pottery Barn Kids has some really cute ones
or you can always pick up the fun ones at Target.
Colby loves his aquadoodle big mat.
This travel one looks good for the car too.
I would love to find a good book that tells the Easter story.
Every kid needs to hear it and it's kids are never too young to start learning about Jesus.
Easter Eggs-
Target has some beautiful glittery plastic eggs for your little girl
or some sports plastic eggs for your boys.
C loves lollipops and I think all kids like lollipops.
And I don't know what would be cuter than an impromptu photo shoot with a big fun pinwheel lollipop.
Monogrammed Hooded Towels-
C got a cute little monogrammed frog towel for Christmas
and I just cant get enough. I want to get him another one.
Maybe a ducky.
You can pick them up at Pottery Barn Kids or Target has some that you can get monogrammed.
Since Colby is in and out of shoes like Lindsey Lohan is in and out of jail.
Some shoes would be perfect for my little man.
A dude needs some nice kicks.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Milagros {Giveaway}

Welcome to a little nook of heaven...
It's called Milagros.
And they sell soaps.
You are probably saying...
really, soaps, whats so fantastic about soap?
Well, these, these are freaking fantastic!!

First off look at this store!
It is just popping with color and creativity.
And I couldnt love that more!
Now these are some hunks of soaps, huh?!
But you see...
look closely...these aren't just ordinary boring soaps.

Every single slice has something fun created into your individual slice piece of soap.
I told you, it wasn't your boring grandmother's bath soaps.
Aren't they just beautiful?
They would totally make a bathroom or kitchen fun immediately.
I have the flamingo one in my beachy bathroom and of course a yummy cupcake in the kitchen.
I get compliments on them all the time!
Plus they smell delcious.
Like you just want to eat them, delicious.
And Milagros doesn't just make pretty soaps.
For all your local readers in Tampa Bay, you can have a party and make your own soaps with your girlfriends!
How fun right?!

Or, if you are having a baby or wedding shower, think how cute these would be as favors.

Now, you can purchase Milagros soaps by going to Sister Agnes and you can even purchase them wholesale to sell in your own shop.
They have two locations- one in Downtown St.Pete and one at Hyde Park Village in Tampa.
Please go like their Facebook Fan Pages to check out some more eye candy.

Milagros loves Nap Time Is The New Happy Hour and wants to do a giveaway to my readers!
So, now you can have some fun, yummy soaps in your home.


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The giveaway ends on March 31st.

These lovely photos were taken by Jasmine Tran.