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Friday, June 29, 2012

My Friday's Fancies::Beachy Chic::

Beachy Chic

This Florida gal loves a good "Beachy Chic" look.
Living in Florida, a fun beachy look is a must.
A big floppy hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen are staples when you live in Florida.

This may be shocking to some but I can not remember the last time I went to the beach.
I live probably 15 mintues from the beach but never ever go.
To be honest, I am not a fan of the beach at all.
The sand and salt water are not my friend.
I hate that gritty salty feeling.
I would much rather wear a pretty beachy look then get all sandy and gross.

I can't wait to see what kinda looks everyone over at Long Distance Loving have put
together for today's My Friday's Fancies.
Hop on over to check them out.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Love For "The Lauren"

I know I have spoken about my love for "The Lauren"
before, but I am here to tell you about her again.
I am totally in love with this clutch/wallet/timesaver/fourth hand.
She is the perfect "mommy wallet".
She is "The Lauren" by Hobo International.

I take this girl with me everywhere.
From work to running errands to throwing it in my diaper bag.
I never leave home without her.
As a mommy you need two four hands to be able to juggle your baby/toddler, diaper bag,
sippies, snacks, and whatever kid paraphernalia you got.
And you don't want to forget anything important like you ID.
You don't want to be left ID-less when purchasing your "mommy juice" to survive the day.

This wallet/clutch is perfect.
I can't express how amazing this wallet/clutch really is.
I never forget anything because I can fit everything into it.

You see that zipper compartment?
That sucker can store tons of ish!
I have a bazillion business and gift cards as well as hair ties, clips, earrings, accessories, etc.  
And I can put my cell phone and keys in there while toting C around.
This wallet/clutch is really a one stop shop.

You see it has its own place for an ID,
there is no more rummaging through your wallet to find it
and having that panicking feeling that you forgot it.

I keep all my credit cards I use frequently in the front compartments you see there,
and for all my other cards and "junk" I put in the side pockets that open up.

Now, these beaties are not cheap.
They are a bit on the pricey side but you can find good deals on them.
I bought mine at Dillards for 40% off the original price.
Now thats a deal if you ask me.
But I have seen them go on sale at Nordstroms before and even have seen them on Amazon.

Now, go get yourself one.
You will thank me, I promise.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Target Tips With A Toddler

What Mama is not obsessed with Target?
I don't think there is a single Mama out there that isn't obsessed with the big red and white bulls eye.
From their incredibly cute merchandise to their amazing clearance deals,
you can't go wrong with Target.

Now, most Mama's have to do do their Target runs with kid in tow.
I am here to let you in on some secrets to make your trip to Target
the pleasure filled trip you deserve.

1. Right when you walk through the door and place your sweet face in the cart,
head over to the "concession stand".
For $1.39 (or even cheaper if you use your Target card to save 5%) grab a small
popcorn and ask for a cup with a lid for water.

For a $1.39 (or even cheaper) this will turn your whiny trip into a bit more peaceful experience.
Your sweet face (and mommy too) can enjoy some yummy popcorn all while acting like he is a big boy/girl and drinking from their cup with a straw.

I promise you, you will wonder how you conquered Target without this little cheap indulgence.

2. Grab a toy from the toy section.
Yep, you heard me right, grab a toy that your child seems interested and let him/her play with it in the cart with them.
C's favorite is the light up bouncy wand buton.
It's easy to hold with one hand (because don't forget they are shoving popcorn into their mouths with the other hand) and fun to look at and play with.

When you are checking out it may become a problem and a meltdown may happen.
Just keep this in mind.
However, when you are putting the toy back you can tell them that when you come back that they can
play with it again.
Hopefully that prevents all meltdowns.
Probably not but worth the good ol college try.

3. Bring your iPad.
C is totally into the iPad and all the fun kids apps.
He will jump from app to app and find what he wants to play.
Make sure you have a good shock proof case for it in case it falls from the cart.

4. Let them sit/stand in the big part of the cart.
Once the whines start, its normally because he is sick of sitting in the same place.
When I put him in the big part of the cart, all whining stops.
It's amazing.
When C is sitting down inside the big part of the cart, I will even strap the iPad to the back part to prevent it from "accidentally" falling out.

5. Grab a Starbucks.
This is obviously more for the Mama's, but for you Starbucks lovers this is the perfect time to enjoy your cup of coffee. If Mama is happy and enjoying her time, HOPEFULLY, the toddler is happy.

Hopefully my little tricks can help you out by enjoying your Target runs with a toddler.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Family Foto Fancies

With school being out and parents having a bit more time to spend with their children,
it's the perfect time to document your family.
 What better way to do that than with a photo shoot?!

Christina Higman is an amazing photographer in the St. Petersburg, Florida area
and she is here to give you a tip on how to make a photo shoot extra special for
your toddler or young child.

I am here to help you out on outfit selections for the big day.

Christina's tip is,
"Sometimes it's fun to allow a child to bring along something they love,
 For example, it might be meaningful to let the child have a couple pictures at the end of the session with their favorite, ragged, blanket or their dirty stuffed animal that goes everywhere. I would keep it a secret until the end though so kids don't whine for it the entire time."

With that in mind,
I made a board to reflect a summery photo shoot
with some cute Jelly Cat animals.

Bring Something Special

Bring Something Special by cheryl-enlow on

Just think how precious the photos will turn out when they have that
little special something with them to love on.
It will be perfect to document that phase in their life.
Plus, they will love to look back on the memories.

So tell us,
what is your child's favorite lovie or toy?
What toy is so speical to them that they will light up
when you bring it to the photo shoot with you?

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Friday, June 22, 2012

My Friday's Fancies::ColorBlock::

Color Block

I don't think its any secret that I love a good color block outfit.
When AV set the theme for this week I was pretty excited.
I dove right in and feel in love with this top.
And hello! Those shoes are gorgeous!

Overall, the outfit is pretty simple, however I think I am in love with it.
Sometimes simplicity is the key to an outfit.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Car Ride Tricks::Tips::

Here is one last tips and tricks list before we are off.
Wish us luck.

This will actually be his first night sleeping with his mommy in the same bed.
This will be interesting, as he is not a snuggler.
Hopefully he won't give me a black eye by shoving his foot in my face
or something crazy like that.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Car Ride Tricks For Toddlers::Snacking::

Today, I am all about healthy car ride snacks for your toddler.
Again, make sure you keep all your snacks in an easy to reach place,
so that it makes passing them back to your toddler easy and safe.

What kinda other snacks do you all bring for your toddler on long car rides?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Car Ride Toddler Tricks

This week the sweet face and I are going to be taking a trip back to my good old college town.
Some of my family lives there as well as one of my best friends.
However, this time the travel will be a bit different.
I will not be cruising 90 mph seeing how fast I can get there so I don't miss out on a party.
I have precious cargo in my back seat now I must be safe at all times.
So now crazy banter on this ride.

As most of you know, traveling with a toddler isn't much fun.
I want to make this trip as easy on me and him as possible.
A 4 hour car ride trip with a toddler can be easy peasy one minute
while they are napping and nerve wracking another minute when
they are having a melt down in the back seat because they are bored.

So, I decided I was not going to let my little sweet face get bored.
I want to make this trip painless for both of us.
Plus, I like my eardrums and would like to keep them for years to come,
 I put together this list to prevent all screaming, screeching or yelling and I hope
you and your family can benefit from this list.

All of the items above will be in reachable distance for me to pass back to C.
Remember safety first.
Having C forward facing makes the passing back much easier and safer.

Of course I will have the trusty iPad handy as well as snacks and fun CD's.

Please follow along with me this week
as I outline healthy car ride snacks
and other tips and tricks to make traveling with a toddler easier for all.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Joe Jacket Giveaway Winners Announced!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Featuring Kourtney Kardashian

The Kourtney Kardashian

I have said it once and I will say it again,
I love the Kardashians!!
Yep, I said it and I am not ashamed!

You see I heart all three of the Kardash sisters
I love Khloe for her crazy sailor mouth.
I love Kim for her shear chic-ness.
I love Kourtney for her style.
This girl looks gorgeous in almost anything.
Her style is flawless.

So when I decided on which celebrity look a like outfit I wanted to select
and make my own outfit, Kourtney of course popped into my head.

I did glam up her outfit just a bit,
but I did want to stick with nudes, especially the shoes,
to make her petite frame elongated.
Plus, you cant forget a great bag and accessories.

So what do you think?
Do you love the Kardash sisters as much as I do?!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Toddler Room Must Haves

My sweet face has officially moved into a big boy/toddler room.
There is no baby in our house anymore.
Enter sad, sad, neurotic mommy.

I have put together some toddler room must haves
for you mommies out there who are about to let your
little one out of baby jail.

I don't know about you but we need lots of storage for clothes,
diapers, socks, and other baby trinkets that he may need.
So a big nice dresser was a must have for C's new room.
We bought ours at a local furniture store but the one above is from Ikea
and would be a great addition to any toddlers room.

With C's big boy bed being a lot higher,
he needs all the help he can get to boost his little booty into the bed.
The step stool helps out tremendously.
Plus he likes to be able to do it on his own, he feels a sense of independence.
You can find step stools at Home Goods and even Target.

Side Rails-
These were a necessity for us.
Since his new bed is so much higher if he did fall,
he would get hurt pretty badly I would imagine.
So, we wanted to make sure he was secure in his new bed without any accidents.
I bought him 2 side rails, one for each side of the bed.
I must admit, it was pretty easy to put together and looks nice.
I was scared it was going to be an eye sore, but it really is nice looking.

Well this is obviously the key part of the big boy room.
We wanted to make sure we selected something on the nicer side
that would be a long term mattress and would have good back support.

Under The Bed Storage-
I am a nut when it comes to buying clothes off season at crazy low prices.
I can't get enough.
Let me just say that I am working on his 4T-5T now.
So, with C's room being so small, we don't have a lot of room for extras.
So these under the bed storage bins work perfectly.
Plus it helps keep our dog from hiding under there.

I like to keep the floors tidy and hooks help a lot.
I hang stuff from PJs to towels to blankets.
Land of Nod has a ton of really cute hooks.

Alarm Clock-
Mama loves her sleep.
And even though C doesn't have this yet,
you better bet that he will be getting it soon.
A Birthday present perhaps??
What this cutie pie alarm clock does is,
if the if the sleeping bunny's picture is lit,
that means stay in bed and snooze awhile longer.
 Once the "awake" bunny illuminates, it's okay to rise.
There is no time telling, just look at the cute little bunny.
You can find this alarm clock at Leaps and Bounds.

Fun Wall Decor-
There are so many cute printables on Pinterest
that you can be sure to decorate your little ones room just the way you want.
C's room is a baseball theme with a hint of learning,
from the ABC's to 1,2,3's.
And I scored some cute printables off Pinterest as well as picked up some canvases
at Home Goods.

Baskets and bins-
I love organization,
especially baskets and bins!!
There are so many fun organizing options out there.
I picked up several containers from Land of Nod.
I have become slightly obsessed with their
Their Mega Sorter is the!

Waterproof Mattress Cover-
If you want your mattress to last you need one of these.
Why spend a good amount of money on a nice mattress
that will most likely get ruined with pee pee accidents.
Protect it!
I bought him a full sized waterproof and hypoallergenic mattress pad.
I purchased it off Amazon.

Sound Machine-
Now, I have been a big fan of white noise for a long time,
even PB (pre-baby).
With our home being on the smaller side,
we turn this one every night in order to drowned out the noise from the living room area.
It seems to work because he sleeps like a champ.
We have one very similar to this one.

Black Out Curtains-
Yes, yes, and yes,
the best purchase of the whole room!!
C is already a really good sleeper but these black out curtains
have really sealed the deal for me.
I actually found some curtains on clearance at Target and added my own black out lining.
They are perfection,
they actually are my #1 on my toddler room must have list.

Friday, June 8, 2012

My Friday's Fancies::Shorts::

We Wear Short Shorts

Who wears short shorts?!
Remember that song?
So catchy.

Let's be honest...
I used to wear short shorts.
But not anymore.
I am really not a fan of wearing shorts unless it's dying hot out
and I am chasing my sweet face around outside.
Other than that, if I am wearing shorts (which is almost never) they are a bit longer
than in my younger years.

I did have a lot of fun creating this outfit though.

I can't wait to see the shorts outfits you girls have put together.
Head on over to Av's blog to see all the pretty short creations.

By the way,
Don't forget to enter my giveaway
for one of these fun eco-friendly beverage insulators.
Perfect for all you Starbucks lovers.