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Friday, August 31, 2012

My Friday's Fancies::Labor Day::

Labor Day

Labor Day by cheryl-enlow featuring one sleeve shirts

I can not even tell you all how much I am longing this long weekend.
I need it.
My body needs it
and more importantly so does my mind.
Thankfully the inlaws are coming into town and are watching the little guy!
So what means a night out for Daddy-O and I!

But hopefully during the hustle and bustle of this long weekend
we will go to a picnic or something fun where I can wear this get up.
I am completely obsessed with this bathing suit and towel!
The bow totally does it for me.
Love it.

What are ya'lls plans for this nice long weekend?


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

So What Wednesday

I am saying "So What" on this Wednesday to...
1. if hurricane Isaac caused all of Florida to pretty much shut down and it didn't even hit us.
Its better to be safe than sorry right.
2. if I have taken over my bosses Facebook Page and Twitter account
 without having any clue what to post of tweet about.
Who really wants to read lawyer tweet?
3. if that means I now handle a total of
3 Facebook Pages
2 Twitter Accounts
2 Blogs
and don't forget my regular work life and whatever is left for my personal time.
4. if I am super sad that this girl is moving to Orlando at the end of the week.
5. that I bought some cake pops for my Granddad's birthday
and really wanted to add an extra order to the cart and ship to myself.
Maybe next time.
6. if I sleep with a nasal strip on my nose every night.
Seriously I get the best nights sleep when I wear that thing.
I look like a complete fool, but who cares!
7. that Jordan and I have a bit of a Blogging stalker/stealer
and the sad part is we know her in real life.
I guess imitation is a form of flattery.
but seriously girl, get your own followers/content/and sponsors on your own.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Toddler Dinner Wars No More. I Have Your Answer

It's no secret that my toddler is not a good eater.
And if your toddler is a good eater, well then I am super jealous of you and your healthy little thing.
The fact that you don't have out a Mama vs. Whining  No, No-ing Todlder Drama Dinner
every night would be nice.
I can't wait to get to that point where I don't have to smuggle wheat germ, kale, and other nastiness into my toddlers food so that he will actually eat
because he just straight up does not like to eat lunch or dinner.
Don't get my wrong, my C is very healthy,
but it is probably only because he loves the
dang vegetable pouches.
I have no problem handing my toddler 3 pouches a day.
His favorite are the Spinach & Mango Happy Baby pouches.
Yes, they are more than a $1.00 per pouch
but whatever as long as C is getting his fill of the good stuff.
Now, I have recently come up with a plan to get my toddler to eat all of his dinner.
Yes, every last bit of it.
Like this kinda toddler plate every night.
Its a miracle.
Ya wanna know my secret?
You promise you wont judge me?
Ok here goes....
Yes, that is a bathtub.
I feed my child dinner in his bathtub.
Weird yes.
But it works.
I have no idea why he will eat his whole entire dinner in the bath tub and not in his seat,
but he does and this Mama will take it.

So, for all you toddler Mama's out there who's little ones wont eat their dinner,
try feeding them in the bathtub, bring their plate and fork or spoon,
post up with a little seat and shovel the dinner away.
It works wonders for us.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Family Foto Fancies::Putting The Fun In Photo Shoots::

Family Foto Fancies
is back and more fun than ever!
Christina Higman of Christina Higman Photography
has one creative eye.
In picking out this edition we decided on a more fun and whimsical idea for a photo shoot.
And her ideas and photos do not disappoint.
For example,
what little girl wouldn't love to run around in an open field with a tutu and fairy wings?!
And the shot with the girls Mama are pure sweetness.
And when you add in some bubbles, balloons, and sweet treats,
it is sure to make for some adorable photos.
The tent just might be my personal favorite.
Think of your kiddos frolicking around with a big batch of balloons in hand
and peeking out of that adorable little tent.
This would be the perfect boy shoot.
The girls can have their fairies and the boys can have the tent.
For some additional items to bring to your photoshoot
to add a touch of fun we sugguest:
-big lolipops
-ice cream cones
-picnic blanket
-tea set
-water balloons
-water guns
Please feel free to email Christina or I with any additional questions
or to book a shoot with Christina.
additional links to Christina Higman Photography

additional links to Nap Time Is The New Happy Hour

Friday, August 24, 2012

My Friday's Fancies::Road Trip Style::

Road Trip Style

Road Trip Style by cheryl-enlow featuring nike shoes

Now when I travel,
I like to travel in style and
Comfy is the key to me and I have my list of must haves for traveling.

1. Big bag to stuff all my crap into.
2. My phone
3. My iPad
4. A big water glass
5. And of course my sunnies
6. A big comfy sweater, becuase you never know when you will get chilly.

I do not travel without these things.

What are your must haves to travel?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

3 Things I Love

Please tell me you have heard of Spearmint Baby.
If you have, you know that the site is packed with adorable-ness.
With beautiful birth stories, gorgeous newborn pictures, and to die for nurseries,
plus so much more heart warming smiles.
If you have not visited Spearmint Baby, you must, but first make sure you block off
an hour of your time for this gorgeous site.

Well Spearmint Baby has done it again and completely wowed me with their
And I agree with them.
I am totally loving all 3 of these things this week.

Would you not love to get that balloon for your birthday,
or heck, for just because.
It's gorgeous and a piece of art if you ask me.

These fun filled balloons are by Bonbon Balloons.

This would cheer up any ones day and make them smile.
The only downside is that they only deliver in the UK as of right now.

And Lalalovely sure makes my Mama heart smile.
Not only with a mini tutorial of her fabric chandelier

but with her simplistic style.
I think I have found a new blog love.

So, balloons with colorful confetti that could make any Mama or child smile on their worst toddler tantrum day and then "fairy bread".
Yes, I am an adult and yes I still have an obsession with sprinkles.
No ice cream is complete without sprinkles,
and cookies taste way better with those little color wonders,
and fairy bread is no exception.

Sugar & Cloth totally did this sweet little treat right.
Sprinkles galore.
What little girl and Mama wouldn't love to have this with her tea parties.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Wish I Never Had To Write This Post...

I had the biggest Mommy fail last week
 and I am just ready to talk about it.
Well, not really to be honest, but I guess I will.
It all started off with me taking a shower with the intention that the hubs was watching C,
I was...
It was...
with no sound but the water hitting the shower floor.
Pure bliss.
Until about 5 minutes in when,
the bathroom door is flung open and in parades a toddler.
A toddler with a cute little chair.
Chit chatting away.

A chair, like this one,
but it was blue and of course Thomas the Train

I slide back the shower door to say "hi" in my ridiculous high pitch mommy voice,
and see him sitting on his knees toward the back of the chair with a huge grin on his face.
He looked simply adorable.
We proceeded to chat for about another minute,
I hear him fall from his chair and start crying hysterically.
Like no other cry I have ever heard.
I hop out of the shower and turn him over,
only to see a head wound open before my every eyes
and then blood gushing and gushing from his poor little precious head.

Needless to say I panicked.
Panicked like my mind stopped working.
All I could do was scream for my husband in the living room.
Like blood curdling,
major freak out,
get your a** in your scream.

He came in there quickly,
but it seriously felt like 5 minutes,
saw the head wound,
and immediatly applied pressure and took him from me.

Mind you I was naked because I was in the shower previously,
but could not think of what to do next,
I  pacing back and fourth doing absolutly nothing until I tell my husband
"you have to tell me what to do"
and then I just hear "get dressed, get dressed".
Before I know it he is out there door saying he is going to the hospital and I just say ok.

I ran around the house throwing who knows what into my bag,
thinking of stuff my little baby loves and will comfort him,
looking like...
well a person who litterally jumped out of the shower, mid-shower.

I met him at the hospital
what felt like hours later,
and my Mama heart shattered into a million piece.
They finally stitched his head up with a total of 6 stitches
and my baby is brand new again.

My heart has never hurt so much
from seeing my little baby in so much pain.
There was nothing I could do,
but to watch and see him like that.

The whole experience was horrible.
You should never have to see your child's skull
or see him look at you like C looked at me.

His little fall could have been much worse.
It totally put things in perspective for me.
God was trying to tell me something and he totaally has my attention.

What I am trying to say here in my lenghty story is a couple things:
1. Don't buy your child this chair
He has tipped over in it several times previously,
however never hurt himself,
that should have been my red flag.
These chairs are very tippy and not tollder safe.

2. Even though you are two steps away from your child,
the unthinkable can happen to them.

3. Don't panic in panic-y situations.
Nothing good can come from it.
Slap yourself, sack it up and go what is best for your child.

4. Have an "emergency plan".
We didn't and it totally kicked us in the a**.
What I didnt tell you about is how the hubs and I both got lost on the way to the hospital.
We didnt have an address or anyting.
Again, the panic set in and we couldn't think.

Don't panic,
be prepared.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Chick-fil-A Family Night::Local Post::

It is no surprise that I heart Chick-Fil-A.
And you know what I love just as much as their delicious mouth watering, dreamy,
smoother all edible items in sauce?
The awesome events they put on!
Those Chick-fil-A people sure know how to have a good time.

I have blogged about several events in the past from the,


And the Appreciation Day.
Chick-fil-A really know how to bring families together and make them feel special.

And now Tuesdays at the Chick-fil-A on 4th Street in St. Petersburg 
is considered "Family Night".
Family Night officially starts at 5:00 p.m. and ends at 8:00 p.m.
 and there are of course awesome kid friendly activities for kids of all ages.

This week for Family Night is
Storytelling Night
where kids can write out their own stories from their summer vacation,
and they can get a free ice dream!

August 21st-Cow Bingo

August 28th-Craft Night
Free Ice Dreams for kids

And they have many more activities in store from Face Painting, a librarian come to read books to the kids, cookie party, a pajama party, balloon animals and more!

So all Tampa Bay locals,
make sure you stop by the Chick-fil-A on 4th Street in St. Petersburg for Family Night on Tuesday.

Don't forget to go "Like" their
to support your local business.

Friday, August 10, 2012

My Friday's Fancies::Gingham::


I for one am not a huge fan of gingham in my closet.
However, I do love a good gingham ribbon.
Super cute.
But not so much on me.
Ribbon is one thing but not on my person.

When I created this outfit I saw these super cute flats and decided to create my outfit around them.
I love, love, love flats.
I am five foot nothing and should be wearing heels at all times, but lets get real.
That is just not practical.
I thought these flats were cute and added a nice pop of color
without going over board with the whole gingham look.
Like with anything, too much of something is not a good thing.

Hope you enjoy my pop of gingham look.

Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kourtney Kardashian Has A Mommy Blog?!

I like to think of myself as "in the know" of blog land but
shame, shame on me.
One of my favorite fashionista/mommies have a blog and I didnt even know about it?!
Ugh, how dare me!

It's not secret that im a Kardash fan,
and I recently just found out that Kourtney had her own blog through E!
Now, I am sure a bunch of you are rolling your eyes, but roll away.
To me, she is very down to earth and doesn't have a nanny.
Her and Scott She does it all on her own.
She has so many tips and videos to provide her own advice that are just fun to watch
and hear K-Dash's own, personal advice.
It totally makes her seem like a real person.
And I think I love her even more now for having a blog.
I mean really how does she possibly have time to blog and do everything else she does?
She rocks.
I will totally be checking out her Mommy Blog on a regular basis.
Again, love the Kardashians!

And doesn't Scott look so sweet here and not like a creeper that he was back then.

And here she is with her new daughter, Penelope
on the cover of US Weekly.

support her like you would any other mommy blogger.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

So What Wednesday

Today I am linking up with Shannon for
And here is what I have to say "So What?!" to...
-I have been fending off a cold but feel the need for a margarita.
Margs have alcohol in it which kill off infection right?
-if I have a big crush on Ryan Lochte.
Who doesn't?
-that my heart hurts every day when I put my child in preschool,
I still think of him as being a baby.
Every day is a little better. But geez, this transition is hard.
For me, that is.
-I want about ten different designs of the May Books.
I could totally get my life organized and oh so fashionably.
I mean have you seen these things?
They are beautiful.
-if I wish already wishing for it to be Friday when it was Monday.
Friday, please hurry.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Gifts For A 2 Year Old

By Alex Toys
This toy says its for 3+ but my C sat and played with this toy for at least 30 minutes,
and then wanted to keep coming back to it.
And hello, for a toddler, that is like a lifetime and nothing short of a small miracle.
It's great for learning motor skills and it will keep your child entertained for more than 5 minutes.
You can also use it to learn colors, and the different types of vehicles.

by Eureka.
This is another toy that says its for 3+, and was just going to save it for a rainy day when he got older. But my son loves to pour the bears into all the different cups.
He is almost borderline obsessed wtih these tiny little bears.
There are so many different ways this toy can be played with from colors to counting to pouring, your child will love these little guys.

C actually uses this at his therapy sessions.
Again, another toy that helps with motor skills.
He loves to "push" in the pegs and stack the pegs high.

This is an interactive toy, the people in the bus talk and sing and light up.
Its a very cute and fun toy.
It's great for pretend play.

Perfect toy for toddlers to learn how to dress themselves.
It has a zipper, buttons, velcro, shoe laces, straps, hooks, etc.
As a parent, I love this toy because it doesnt need batteries and its not
a toy that requires you to push a button to make a sound or light up.
Just a down right fun and educational toy.

This is another one of C's favorites that will keep his attention.
He can go "up" and "down" with the tow truck and place the puzzle pieces back in.
The magnet adds a bit more fun than the typical toy.
Great learning and skills toy.