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Friday, September 28, 2012

My Friday's Fancies::Outfit Crush::

Kardashian Look:Kourt & Mason:

Kardashian Look:Kourt & Mason: by cheryl-enlow featuring long sleeve tops

If you know me or have been reading my blog for any length of time,
 you know what a huge Kardashian fan I am.
So when AV announced that the link up would be about an outfit crush
I immediatly went on the hunt for non-other than Kourtney herself.
She is truley the style in that family
and little Mason is following right in her footsteps.
He is always dressed to the nines.

Don't you just love her chic comfy outfit?
And I must admit that the semi toddler mommy matching
has my heart pitter patting.
I secretly love that.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

So What Wednesday::Link Up::

So What Wednesday
It's Wednesday!
And I totally need this
vent sesh so thanks Shannon
for hosting this link up.
So here we go...
So What.....
-if I fed my toddler Lucky Charms when the hubs was out of town this week.
What the hubs doesn't know wont kill me him.
-when the hubs is out of town I play survival of the fittest.
Yep, I just said that.
-if my toddler had at least 2 major melt downs this morning all before 8:00 AM.
I will still have a good day.
I will still have a good day.
I can do this.
And yes, I have to keep telling myself that.
Mama needs praise and words of affirmation too.
-if we had a code brown in the tub.
Why does this sh*t happen when I am single mom-ing it??!
-if I am exhausted every single night and im bed before 9:00
Again this single mom-ing it stuff sucks!
I take back all those things that I said to my husband that he doesn't chip in.
He does, he does!
-if I am going to brag on myself and my blog for a minute,
because I was featured on The Cleverist Facebook Fan Page!! 
And I think thats pretty cool.
-if I got asked to be in a commercial this week.
Maybe this Mama and her blog will go to Hollywood baby.
Dont worry, ill bring all my faithful followers along.
-if I am trying to calendar in when I can possibly have
Again, its going to happen.
Just not sure when.
I dont have time in my schedule to have one.
Its a shame.
-that is 69 degrees here in Florida
and I think its chilly.
Cardigans here I come!
-if I am going to start planning out my fall wardrobe this weekend.
It will consist of new flats, some long sleeve shirts, a couple new sweaters,
and a new jacket.
I love living in Florida,
60 degrees is cold enough for me.
Why do people enjoy getting bundled up?
I just don't get it.
A sweater and jacket is about all we need here.
Love it!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

How to Make Your Stainless Steel Sink Sparkle

 This week I am showing off my
OCD-ness with my kitchen.
Now let me explain.
I can't, I repeat CAN NOT go to bed with dishes in the sink.
It haunts me.
Every night I must wipe down the kitchen counters,
empty and reload the dishwasher,
wipe out the kitchen sink,
wipe down all the stainless steel appliances,
and make sure the trash is not overflowing.
Like can't go to sleep if these things aren't done.

With that being said,
I have been on the hunt for a pin on Pinterest
that is a tutorial of how to get your stainless steel sink clean.
And not just clean,
I want it SPARKLING!
And I finally found it,
did it,
and now I'm sharing it with you all.
Seriously it works amazingly!!
This is a must repin.

First off you will need...
-Baking Soda
-White Vinegar
-Dish Soap
-Paper Towels
-Wax Paper

Clean your sink with a little bit of dish soap and a paper towel.
Just a quick clean will be fine.
Rinse out.
You do this to get all the gunk off and start with a clean-ish sink.

Sprinkle baking soda into the base of the sink.
Make a paste out of the baking soda.
And begin to scrub the sink with the sponge.

To clean the rim of the sink,
take the toothbrush,
wet it and sprinkle some baking soda directly on the toothbrush.
Begin scrubbing around the rim.
You may need to reapply the paste a couple of times to get around the entire rim of the sink.

Rinse all of the baking soda residue off.

line the base of the sink with paper towels.
Pour the vinegar onto the paper towel so they are fully wet.

Let sit for 20-30 minutes.

Take the paper towels out.
I actually placed them in an grocery bag and took them directly out to the trash
because they would have stunk up the house.

Rinse out the sink with some dish soap and water again.
Rub down with the sponge and soapy water one more time.

And wahla!
You have a sparkling sink!

For a finishing touch,
I took a small amount of wax paper
and rubbed down the faucet.
The wax paper helps prevent water mark build up.

Now this is how you get a sparkling stainless steel sink!

I would recommend doing this twice a month
and along with any OCD-ness your kitchen will be the cleanest on the block!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Game Day Outfit

Normally on Friday's I create a fun outfit for the My Friday Fancies link up.
However, with a sick toddler and Mama in the house,
 I just was not feeling up to anything blogging related.
But when I came across this perfect outfit combo
I thought it would be perfect in place
of my regular polyvore-ness.
Please welcome Ashley Brooke's
gorgeous game day outfit!!
It's perfect because its a whole outfit she designed around Florida State!
I had no idea Ms. Brooke was a Florida State fan!
So this now makes her even more fabulous!
Happy football weekend to you all!
Goooooo Noles!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Fist Pumped in Preschool

You see,
I am bit of a reserved person.
When I get a little too much of the mommy juice into me,
that is a different story.
So, when last week's rendition of a
Jersey Shore episode
happened in my son's preschool room
people probably thought that I may have been drinking
at my 8-5 job.
But nope,
C's teacher gave me some great news.
She started off by saying he had a "GREAT DAY!"
which I of course thought was fantastic  but didn't get what her point was until she says
and??? and what?!
She got this big smile on her face and said that
"he wanted to sit on the potty"
I never thought I would hear those words come out of her mouth.
Glorious sweet words.
She made my whole week/month!
I seriously wanted to grab her face and kiss her forehead.
I refrained.
And that is where the fist pumping and dancing came in along with some "shut ups" from me.
All right then and there, Snookie and JWoww style, in his preschool class room.
Because hell yes!
My baby is on his way to potty training!!! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Father-Son Football Night::Chick Fil A::

There is no hiding my love for Chick-Fil A.
Not only is the food amazingly delicious,
with those crave worthly sauces,
but they put on some pretty fantastic events.
I know because I have been to several,
and it did not disappoint.
Our whole family had a blast and truly enjoyed themselves.
So I am here to tell all my local followers about
a cute and fun event that is being heold on Monday, September 24th.
Now, this one is pretty cool,
sorry gals its a boys only party.
But you probably wouldn't want to come anyways because its a
Father & Son Football Night!
What boy doesn't love watching sports with his dad?
And to get some good food to boot!
Sounds like a perfect night of father and son bonding to me.
So, all you St. Pete and Tampa locals,
head to the Chick Fil A on 4th street.
But make sure you make your reservation for 6:30 p.m. here
for Monday, September 24th.
The address is
4241 4th Street North
St. Petersburg, FL 33703
* This is a sponsored post, but all the opinions and content are mine.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Popcorn Cake

This popcorn cake has been pinned to my Foodie Love board for...well... way to long.
I never really had an excuse to make it.
And I didn't really have an excuse to make it this past weekend either
but just for shear yummy delight.
I mean who wouldn't love salt and sweet goodness with melty marshmallows all over???
I apparently did!

This popcorn cake is super easy.
I mean popcorn and "cake"...
umm hello perfection.

You will need
2 bags of microwave popcorn (remove the kernels)
2 cups of M&M's
1 1/2 cups of broken pretzel sticks
8 cups of mini marshmallows
1 stick of butter

Melt the butter in a saucepan.
Now stir in the marshmallows and stir until they are completely smooth.
Poor over the popcorn.
Wait for the marshmallows to cool down.
Stir in the M&M's and pretzel sticks so that they are all combined.

Take a bundt pan and spray with cooking spray.
Pour the popcorn mixture into the bundt pan.
Press down until its all compacted into the pan.

Cover with foil.
Let it sit for an hour.

Slice like a cake and enjoy your eww-y goey delciousness!

Friday, September 14, 2012

My Friday's Fancies::It's Fall Ya'll::


Fall by cheryl-enlow featuring dorothy perkins

I have such a Love vs. Hate relationship
with fall fashion.
I hate the cold.
But I love getting dressed up snuggly and cute.

I must say that the above outfit is a total Florida fall outfit.
It's got the long sleeves, a jacket, scarf and some warm suede Tory flats.

As much as I want to welcome fall this year...
mainly for all the yummy pumpkin spiced stuff...
can we please hold off until December.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wine Time

There is no denying that I am a wine-o.
It's a known fact really.
I like to call it my Mommy Juice.
Sounds much better right?
So, when Shespeaks contacted me regarding
reviewing Arbor Mist's new wine products.
I was so ecstatic!
I could not wait to get that package in the mail.
When it came it was packed with pure deliciousness.
In fact, when I opened the box I heard angels singing.
Maybe because I was already a bit intoxicated??
That is besides the point.
So what was in this box that was so fabulous you ask?
Oh just several, actually 6 to be exact...yes 6!!
of Arbor Mist's New Frozen Wine Cocktails!
And seriously these babies did not disappoint.
I am a Merlot kinda girl so I quickly through the sweet nectar into the freezer
and enjoyed later that evening.
It was perfect and oh so easy to make.
How much easier could throwing it into the freezer for a couple of hours,
gently massage, and pour into your glass.
Which after having several drinks, easy is what you need right?
You know what I love about these are that they are different.
They would be perfect to bring to a party, especially a BBQ or even a day at the beach.
We especially enjoyed them on a hot summery Florida night on our back porch.
Maybe even to add a fun touch too them,
throw them in a frosted wine glass with a fun paper straw.
Arbor Mist's Frozen Wine Cocktails come in 3 flavors
Blackberry Merlot
Strawberry White Zinfandel
White Pear Pinot Grigio
By the way,
it has the same alcohol content as regular wine.
So, go grab yourself some this weekend to enjoy.
*This is a sponsored post through Shespeaks and I was given the product to review, however these are my own personal opinions of the product.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Guest Post: Jordan's Moving Adventure

     Hi! Thanks to Cheryl for letting me guest post today. Cheryl and I have known each other since I was five or so years old. I actually remember being seven, she was sixteen, and they had let me come to a dinner with them after one of their high school football games. I ended up losing my tooth at the dinner table (embarrassing to say the least). There they are talking about how homecoming is coming up and I lose a tooth at the dinner table. Shows you the slight 8 1/2 year age difference we have. Ha. She is BFF with my cousin (who is more like my sister) and once she stopped babysitting for me and my brothers we became friends! 

Anyways, I'd like to give you a little background of what the end of the summer has been like for me... I moved!


The month of August was a whirlwind. I got offered a job in Orlando (I'm from St.Pete, Fl) right before I left to go on a family vacation in The Florida Keys. Of course my first thought was, "YAY! New job!" Yay then turned into, "Where the heck am I going to live?!" Which is a very valid question if you ask me. 

While searching for Orlando Apartments I realized it was not an easy task. I found my apartment back in college because it was, as friends had told me, "The place to live!" "Oh, they have the best pool parties!" What they didn't tell me was how at night it was semi-sketchy and the pool parties? Every Saturday. Don't get me wrong, I love pool parties, but not every.single.weekend. Sometimes I like a little afternoon nap which was next to impossible with blaring rap music outside my window. Funny how you learn as you get older what you like and don't like and how those preferences change.  

I ended up finding the perfect apartment and am thrilled to show you all how the decorating is going as I adjust to a new city, new job and new living situation. Here's a sneak peek:    

Thanks Cheryl for letting me share my recent moving experience! I'll be back soon to show you the rest of my "Pinterest inspired" apartment. I hope you all have a great rest of the week! 

Jordan Rothwell is a writer for the iLS Network and The iLS Network has websites to help you find an apartment that fits your lifestyle and budget. If you're looking in Orlando, like I was, can truly help you find the apartment that is best for you. If you're in the Tampa Bay area like Cheryl is, then will fit all of your apartment-hunting needs!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Just A Few Things...

Just A Few Things
that you may not have known about me....
- I love my husband dearly,
but dang it, does he not clean up after himself.
It drives me f-ing nuts!
My ultimate favorite is leaving all the cabinet doors wide open.
Im going give myself a concussion one of these days.
Open it, close it, dude.
This ecard was made for him.
- So my mom is an interior decorator.
Yep, it's a pretty nice luxury to have.
Ya know like its nice to have doctor or lawyer in the fam.
Well, I have an interior decorator.
And she lives less than 5 minutes away from me.
Her blog is in the works....eeekk can't wait!
-Cupcakes will make me an instantly happy girl.
Why doesn't my husband and boss realize this??
-With my love for cupcakes,
I obviously don't like to work out.
I actually despise it.
However, I do like to run errands
looking like I just worked out.
I would love to own these kicks.
-I have a slight obsession with drinking out of
resuable water battles.
Don't know why I just prefer them to a regular glass.
Keep it classy girl.
-Not sure if you can read this "text" message
but I, the adopted girl finds it pretty funny.
Yes, I am adopted.
-If I am in a foul mood,
I just turn on Fantasy Factor,
and laugh my booty off.
I can not get enough of Rob.
-I am a neurotic crazy.
This quote is totally me.
Enough said.

Monday, September 10, 2012

8 Fall Cravings

Here are a couple of things I have been craving for this Fall.
Since I live in Florida and use the term "fall" very loosely.
But if Florida actually had season other than hot and hotter
I would totally be all about number 7.
My whole closet would be filled with gorgeous boots.

So here we go...

1. I am craving Fall colors.
I love a good garnet and gold.
Go Noles!

2. Pumpkins!
I love non-traditional pumpkins and this designer pumpkin
is right up my alley.

3. Apple Cider.
One of my favorites.
It's not fall unless I have apple cider brewing.

4. Scarves
They can keep you warm or just add the perfect touch to your outfit.

5. Potatoe Soup
Another fall must have.
Add some bacon bites and chives on top.

6. Football.
Noles football to be exact.

7. Boots.
Preferably these Tory Burch boots.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway for this gorgeous Stella & Dot necklace

Friday, September 7, 2012

My Friday's Fancies::Back To School::College Pretty Style

Back to School Preppy College Style

Back to School Preppy College Style by cheryl-enlow featuring a knit cardigan

So this week's style inspiration from AV
was Back to School style.
Well since I have been out of school for longer than I like to say...9 years.
I have no idea what "the cool kids" wear to school.
So I decided to would whip up what I would like to rock
if I was going back to school.

Pretty fab huh?
Now, can't forget the garnet for FSU and the sweater
because all the classes rooms are so chilly.
And the ipad with stylus are a must with my agenda.
And of course a large LV tote for all my books, snacks and junk.

I wish I was this stylish when I was in college.
A girl can dream.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Good Cause Giveaway::Stella & Dot::

I am working with a few of my favorite bloggers to do a giveaway
that will bring awareness to Autism and support the Lawyers Autism Awareness Foundation
 which helps pay for therapy when families can't afford to pay for it themselves.
 has so graciously donated their "Lucky Charm" necklace for you to enter to win!


So lets get down to it shall we?!
What's in it for you?
Tracy, from Stella & Dot, is giving away away a "Lucky Charms" necklace!
All you have to do is enter below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Tracy is hosting an online Trunk Show to benefit the Lawyers Autism Awareness Fund as well!
You can shop the trunk show here.

For all you St. Pete/Tampa locals, 
 there is a fundraiser at Push Ultra Lounge on September 20th at 5:30pm
that you can go to, to show your support.
Tickets can be purchased here.
Great raffles, auctions items and more importantly, a great cause!

  *a large majority of the proceeds from Tracy's show will go to support the Lawyers Autism Awareness Fund.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's Real

I have locked myself in our office.
It is 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday night.
The toddler has been picked up from Preschool,
 toted around in his luxurious car seat while being fed gourmet snacks while Mama did some last minute nerve wrecking emergency chores,
 and now hopefully sleeping.
Dear God, please let him be sleeping....
The husband is on the couch watching the freaking DNC.

 And I...
I am locking myself in the office to blog and catch up.
Or to be honest, not have to deal with human interaction because I just might
come out of my skin, and rip off a body part and beat you with it,
or better yet, spear you with my horrid curse words.
No holds bar here.
I will use them all.
Yes, it's one of those days.
Nights actually.
And you know who I blame?
I blame my crazy hormones.
Because everyone needs someone or something to blame right?
I have been feeling like I just might blow lately.
Like holy shit,
duck and cover,
Cheryl is going to blow!
I have been trying to keep it under wraps for the sake of my family
but I think "it" might happen soon.
About once a day this feeling of stress comes over me.
Kinda feels like it is suffocating me.
Soon, all I am going to be able to hear from my husband is
"there she blows"
Time will tell.
You see I thought I had this Mom thing under control.
As in my family and work life balance.
Yep, sure don't.
I have had several changes at work that have been adding more to
my plate.
And it doesn't just stop when I walk out of the door at work.
It seeps into my home life.
Like on the weekends.
It's something I have to deal with but its extremely difficult.
And don't forget about my other boss.
Ya know the 3 foot boss.
Who demands milk at 6:00 AM and hits you with a baseball bat... just because.
I have heard about these two's.
But holy tantrum.
I will soon find my balance.
At least I hope so.
So either the hormones better get a grip,
or Cher will find herself in the fetal position
spatting profanities at anything that might be possibly thinking of saying something
nice or positive to bring me back to reality.
It ain't going to happen and I don't wanna hear it.
Got it.
So please, wish my luck in finding my balance yet again.