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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

She Says vs. He Says

She Says: "I need a Keurig in my life. Everyone has one and raves about their coffee.
I can do hot coffee, iced coffee, teas, I can do it all, and all for you."

He Says: "Whats wrong with our current coffeemaker? And you don't even like tea."

Ok, ok,
I get it.
We have a current coffeemaker that works fine.
It is very nice actually and even has a grinder built into it.
But I have a case of the "I wants".
I blame blogging.

Seriously first came the dang
 Erin Condren Life Planner,
the polka dot shirt from Old Navy that was all the rage last year around Halloween,
then the Ebay Bubble necklace,
and of course all of the Facebook Jewelry auctions.
Blogging gets me every time.
I can't help myself.
I would like to add the Keurig to my list of blogging must haves.

But I like to keep my options open.
What if I want a cup of "gourmet" coffee one morning?
I can't have it unless I go to Starbucks and purchase an overpriced but heavenly cup of java.
I could actually save money with the Keurig right?

Those dang K-cups are pretty expensive though.
And I don't need another expense in my life.

So come on girls help me!
Do I need this gorgeous piece of tech equipment in my kitchen?
Give me some selling points to use on my hubs.

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Today is the last day.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mommy Confessions

I am so excited for today's link up.
Please join us over at

Today is all about Mommy Confessions.
And yes, I have a lot of confessions but the real questions is,
do I really want to blow the horn on myself??
So let me start of small.
Baby names.
I am talking about picking out that perfect name for your sweet, precious, gift of life, child.
A name that you love and cherish.
This will be your child's name for the rest of their life.
So it needs to be something amazing right?!
Like make all your friends jealous that they didn't think of that name.
Ya got me?!
Well, can I just tell you that I am not even pregnant yet
(for the second go around obviously)
and talking second baby names with the hubs makes me burn inside.
Every time I hear that perfect name and mention it to him.
What do you know he hates it.
He shoots down my names because he says
"well I know someone who has that name and I don't like him/her"
Ok fine.
I get that.
To a certain degree.
But when he starts in on the
"I know someone who has that name and it reminds me of a time when..."
That is when my eyes start to roll and my blood begins to boil.
Because not only are they the most ridiculous situations I have heard heard in my toddlers life.
But because they go something like this....
"I know someone who has that name and
they used to make tuna sandwich's in the office and it smelled."
What the F*c*?
Are you serious?
That is the reason you don't like this
nothing but perfection name that I want to name our sweet child?
I obviously think this name is "it".
I get that AHA moment and feel so proud of myself.
And can already see monograms dancing in my head.
But it gets the can all because of TUNA.
I want my husband to be part of the name process
but give me some valid arguments please.
If not, I am going to use my own petty plea of
"well you named our first child so I get to name the second one"
When in all reality we did agree on C's name,
but he is the one who picked it out.
So hubs,
get it together and either come up with that perfect name,
but do not come at me with the tuna argument again,
or any other fish in the sea or sandwich.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Angels After Dark Countdown!

The countdown is here!!
4 more sleeps until
I can lay my pretty eyes on some gorgeous products from
Why hello there gorgeous!
I simply can not wait to see what will be there from this gorgeous store!
Can't forget about the little ones in my life.
And can't forget the fabulous
Can't wait to see you there!

How to Save a Copy of your Pinterest Boards as a PDF

I have this huge fear of losing all those genius and gorgeous Pins on Pinterest.
Ya know, everyone elses million dollar ideas.
So I have discovered a way to save them.
Of course I first saw this genius idea on Pinterest but am putting a spin on it for PC lovers.
Sorry MAC you are outta this one.
Well, not really you can pretty much follow the same steps I would imagine.
And as always, it is a pure Pinterest genius idea.
It really is so easy.
And now I don't have to toss and turn each night worry about my precious pins
and what if I accidentally delete a board or if Pinterest is down for whatever reason
and I need a Pin ASAP.
Here are the easy peasy steps to saving your pins FOREVER.
- Go into each one of your boards one at a time.
-Press Control P (which will bring up the Printing box)
-Instead of using the Printing option look for "Print to PDF" or "ADOBE PDF",
then select "All Pages", then "Print".
-Save them where you would like and choose a name, it would probably make the most sense to name them the board names you have on Pinterest so you can find them easily on your computer.
-Repeat with all your Pinterest boards.
-TIP: Make sure all your Pins are done "Fetching" or your PDF will not be complete with all of your Pins.
-TIP: Make sure you keep remembering to save each board, maybe make yourself a note to do it weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc. You can over-write your current boards by just saving over them.
-Also, the PDF will not capture the entire hyperlink, just the website below each pin.
But if push comes to shove, and you can't access Pinterest then you can search the website by researching to your PDF.
Here is an example of what my
"Fashion Is My Passion"
boards look like in PDF.


I am linking up with  Miss AP for some Hey, that's Pin-tastic action
Hop on over to see some other amazing creativity.

Friday, October 26, 2012

My Friday's Fancies::Let's Party::

Let's Party

Let's Party by cheryl-enlow featuring sleeveless shirts

First off I want to say a huge congrats to AV!!
This post is dedicated to the 100th week of My Friday's Fancies!!
This is by far one of my favorite link ups
and think the theme for today is perfect.
Party, party, party!!

This outfit is a definate girls night out outfit.
With the sexy shoes and festive bling and sparkle.
This outfit would be a sure show stopper at any party.
And to add an extra sassy touch, dont forget your red lips, red nails and big hair.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Little Green Pouch & Giveaway

There is this new and amazing kids product that I want to keep to myself.
My little secret.
But to be honest, this product is too good not to share with my most amazing readers and followers.
And I am not good at secrets anyways.

This revolutionary product will not only make you seem like the
savviest, up to date Mama,
but your wallet will thank you.

This new product I am talking about is...

You know all those super expensive fruit and veggie pouches you buy.
You buy them because you want your sweet face to be happy and most important healthy.
Well, now your child can be happy, healthy and Mama has some extra moo la in her wallet
for those extras that come up in life.

are reusable food food pouches.

The Little Green Pouch has so many great features that help out all of us busy Mama's
who want the freshest products for their children.

They are...

and they even have the ounces labeled on the pouch
so you can see how much you are giving your child.
Oh, and it even has a place where you can write your child's name on it!
Easy huh?!

Seriously this might be the best product out there right now.
I am so sick of buying those expensive pouches but have no other choice.
Pouches are the only way my sweet face will eat any sort of veggie.

Well, now I can make them myself for next to nothing.

They are so easy to make.
Go here to find recipes,
make them,
fill 'em up with either a spoon or funnel (you can purchase the funnels on their website).
And now you have a healthy meal or snack for your sweet face.

The best part is that the generous ladies over at Little Green Pouch
are giving away one lucky Nap Time Is The New Happy Hour reader
a 4 pack of Little Green Pouch.
So, you can try them out for yourself.

Good luck!
I promise you that you will not be dissappointed and soon you will be telling all your friends about them.

Shutterfly Giveaway Winner!!!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway
Congrats Elizabeth!
I will be forwarding your contact information to Shutterfly!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Angels After Dark

I love supporting local businesses.
It's such a great feeling to know you are promoting your community.

On November 2nd,
all you Tampa Bay locals
can do just that.

Angels After Dark
is a very fun holiday shopping event.
Gather up your girlfriends and make a whole day out of it.
Grab some lunch and get your Christmas shopping done.

There will be so many amazing local businesses at Angels After Dark
with some gorgeous products that you will want to keep for yourself and not gift.

My personal favorite businesses that are going to be there are...

I am so excited that this sweet little local Etsy shop is going to be at Angels After Dark.
Everything that Katy the owner touches turns into an amazing piece of art.

 She designs adorable handcrafted headbands.
They are jaw dropping gorgeous and would make beautiful gifts.
Every little girl and her Mama would love to have some of these to dress up in.

Check out her beautiful work

Bentley's Boutique is a fun boutique with everything from women's clothing, kids clothes, jewelry,
baby accessories and more.
Oh and they monogram too!!
A boutique after my own heart.

Here are a couple items that I have my eye on...

This spiked bracelet!
So fun!

And wouldn't this precious blanket be perfect with a monogram on it?!
I love the punch of the leopard print.
A girl's gotta have some sass to her!

And did I mention
Bentley's Boutique
sells the ever so drool-worthy Mud Pie.
They do!!
Mud Pie is my ultimate favorite in kids clothing,
especially girls.
I want one of each piece they design.

Talk about cuteness overload.
This store has got it!

They do a lot of custom work including these items

This is the "mermaid" dress.
Is it not gorgeous?!
I think I need one of these in an adult size please!

And check out this fun party outfit.
The tutu is my favorite.

They also carry Mud Pie.
Which by now you know my love for Mud Pie.

 So please come on out to Angels After Dark.
You will not want to miss this event.
It's a perfect excuse to get some Christmas shopping done all for a great cause.
All of St. Pete and Tampa are talking about it!
Be there!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Action Hero Night at Chick-Fil-A

If you don't know by now,
Chick-Fil-A hosts some very action packed and kid friendly nights.
And this week is no exception.
On October 23rd (Tuesday) 
between 5:00 p.m.- 8:00 p.m.
come to your local Chick-Fil-A.
But make sure you are dressed up as your favorite Action Hero!
Capes, masks, gloves, boots, flying powers,bring it all!
There will be a
 librarian there to read action hero stories,
fun games,
goodie bags,
a superhero certification course, 
a prize for the best costume,
yummy treats and more! 
Come join us,
The E family will be there because lets be real,
we wouldn't miss out on an excuse to dress up as an action hero
and eat some delicious Chik-Fil-A sauce.
Oh I mean, nuggets.
This post was sponsored by Chick-Fil-A.
However all the opinions expressed are mine. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

My Friday's Fancies::Costumes::


Catwoman by cheryl-enlow featuring maison michel

I am going to have to admit
that I am not a huge Halloween girl.
I was not too pumped when AV mentioned the theme of the week.

Of course I was into it when I was younger but the idea
of dressing up as an adult just sounds plain torturous to me.

However, once I got designing my outfit
I had so much fun with it!
This is Catwoman
and boy is she decked out in designer apparel!
I would totally be Catwoman if I could dress in this!

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Personal Experience

Since it is October
and October is Breast Cancer Awareness month
I decided I need to write about something that is close to my heart.
In fact, it's actually so close to my heart that I barely mention it.
I dont like to expose that part of my heart to many people.
It just hurts too badly.
I hate the C word.
The C word I am talking about today is...
My sister has been gone now for 4 years.
She died from cancer on June 13, 2008.
She was only 29 years old.
She had a son.


The year my sister died of cancer my grandmother died from cancer as well.
This cancer thing is rough.
It scars so many left behind.
But there is a reason.
God has a reason.
He needs this tragic thing to happen to open up other peoples hearts and minds.
Cancer throws every piece of your life into perspective.

As I wanted to write a long and lengthy post about cancer,
I just can't.
It has been 4 years and I still can't talk about it.
I can sit here and write and tell you that God has spoken to me through this expereince though.
The most amazing part is that I know that I will see my sister again.
She had a rocky past but her future is bright and she is standing by her maker.
THAT, THAT RIGHT THERE makes everything ok.
It eases my heart.

I came across the video of a girl name Jenn.
She passed away from Ovarian cancer this past week.
Please watch this video it is simply beautiful.
I dare you to not cry knowing that she did not beat her battle.

We Won't Be Defeated from Benjamin Edwards on Vimeo.

So lets kiss our loved ones and remember what really matters in life.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Shutterfly Christmas Cards & Giveaway!

It's that time of year.
It's time to book your family photo shoots
and look into purchasing your CHRISTMAS cards!

And you know who makes this time of year easier for you?
The amazing company Shutterfly.
They have the most beautiful and quality cards and talk about customer service.
Wow! They are probably the best around.

So, obviously I will be purchasing my Christmas cards from Shutterfly this year.

I am a traditional type of Christmas card girl.
I like the reds and greens with the Christmas-y look.

Look at this stunner.
Now, to me, this is the perfect Christmas card.
It showcases your cutie pie family as has hints of red and green.

Now aren't these boys the cutest!
I love the Holly Jolly font and it feels very candy cane-ish.

Ok, ok,
another one of my favorites.
Classic and very chic.

Now I said I like the traditional look.
But Shutterfly does it again with their creativity.

Is this not so fun?!
I love the fun font and the stripes.

And I love how you can have several photos in this fun photo card.

And what is not Merry & Bright like a brotherly/sisterly headlock.
Super cute and fun and whimsy.

Now aren't you getting into the Christmas spirit?
I hope so!!
If not, hopefully a Shutterfly giveaway will help.
And Shutterfly is also running some Special Offers that you will want to check out.

Shutterfly is giving away a $50.00 promo code to
my Nap Time readers!!!

This post was sponsored by Shutterfly.

Instagram: Shutterfly

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Family Foto Fancies::Fall Is In The Air::

It's October
and Fall is in the air.
It's time for pumpkins,
cold weather,
jackets, sweaters, scarves,
changing colors of the leaves,
and don't forget about your family photo shoot.
If you are local in the Tampa Bay Are,
the beautiful and talented Christina Higman can book a shoot for you.
Her photos would beautiful on the annual Christmas card.
I have put together some fall inspired outfits for the whole family.
And what is great is that the outfits all coordinate
without being too matchy.
 Notice the yummy fall colors.


Fall Photoshoot

Fall Photoshoot by cheryl-enlow featuring skinny leg jeans

The "adult" look is probably my favorite.
The boots add the extra kick of a Fall flare.

Every couple should have a nice photo of two of them.
A nice warm wool blanket would add a perfect romantical touch to this fall photoshoot.

Kids Fall Photoshoot Fashions

Kids Fall Photoshoot Fashions by cheryl-enlow featuring ballet flats

The kids look is pretty easy.
A nice sweater dress with some tights, and again boots, and long sleeves
will make any outfit feel like fall.

Wouldn't some frockling in a pumpkin patch be fun?!
The kids would love it and it would be ther perfect setting for a family shoot.

Please feel free to email Christina or I with any additional questions

or to book a shoot with Christina.

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