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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

So What Wednesday

It's Wednesday and So What.
So what if...

The E family hit up Disney last week and C's most favorite thing about the whole trip
was this $10.00 double Micky Mouse balloon.
The kid liked the Disney, the rides, the characters, parade, and food but seriously
the one single balloon was hands down his favorite.
Weird kid I got I tell ya.

I finally bit the bullet and bought the Keurig.
I must admit that I am not THAT crazy about it.
I drink my coffee in massive amounts and you simply just can't do that with the Keurig,
and it doesn't get piping hot.
Which is very annoying to me.

I am obsessed with this song.
"It's Britney Bitch"
never get old, love her.

It's 2013 if ya haven't heard and I hopped onto the eating better bandwagon like everyone else and their Mother.
And MyFitness Pal is my best friend.
Seriously the bar code scanner thing-a-ma-jig is the best.
To see how many calories in some foods is scary and disgusting.
However scary and disgusting foods are ah-mazing.
But fruits and Amy's burritos have helped me stay on track.
If you are not on MyFitness Pal yet, you are totally missing out.

So What Wednesday

Now go link up with Shannon for some more So What's.


REBrown said...

I"m a fan of that song too - Britney can do no wrong!

Unknown said...

I love the comment about the balloon! All the money Disney costs and of course they choose the smallest thing to fall in love with! It is like Christmas when you are most excited about the biggest gift you got for your child and they only care about the $5 "filler" toy as I like to call them! =)

Kate @

Jennifer said...

I'm not gonna lie, I love those balloons. And I always wonder what would happen if the balloon holder let go. It'd be so pretty!!

Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

Brandy Bruce said...

Totally going to have to try out that app!

Shannon Dew said...

Brit Brit + Will.I.Am = best ever! Even Jimmy likes that song! It's Britney, bitch NEVER gets old!!!

Rachel said...

We own a Keurig too, and it rarely gets used anymore. We seem to be drinking massive amounts of coffee lately too, and I feel guilty drinking more than two k-cups a day!

Crystal said...

I'm a huge Britney Spears fan as well. Something about her songs makes me want to jump my man's bones too. :)

Your not the first person to mention MyFitnessPal app. I've had a lot of other people comment about how wonderful it is. ;)