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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Social Media Addict #yesthatsme

You see,
I purchased the hot off the press Erin Condren Life Planner,
the must have fashion accessory of 2012, the Bubble Necklace,
I had to get my hands on every piece of chevron clothing and home decor out there,
oh and those Tory Burch Reva's,
had to have those too...or actually so I thought until I tried them on.
I did not find them comfortable at all.
But the Revas are besides the point.

My point is to tell you that all of the above drool-worthy items
were all the rage at one point in my social media perusing.
I was/am addicted to all aspects of social media.

Sometimes I feel like it takes over my life.

My Facebook, Instagram, Blog and Twitter
is my every day life.
I must be honest.
I love it.

So as the Erin Condren Life Planner craze is out in a hot minute,
I feel like this new form of social media, Vine will be gone in a flash.
So, do I join to see what all the fuss is about?
Do I just put my foot down and say NO MORE SOCIAL MEDIA!!

To be honest,
I don't think I can take on another social media platform.
My mind might burst.
I simple just can not do it.
I have way too my feeds and tweets and streams and blah blah blah.
My addiction can no longer hang.
Lets see if I can hold off my addiction.
Check back with me in a month.

My Facebook and Instagram feed is blowing up
with every ones profile picture of their new Vine account.
I must say I am a bit jealous.
I wish I could do it all.
But I am going to have it sit this one out Vine.



wide open spaces said...

New follower :) Found you throught the blog hop. I must say I am SO glad someone else feels the way I do. I cannot take another social media platform either. It is hard enough balancing the one I have. I wrote a blog post about this last week. I am proud to say that I too have took the stand to not join The Vine. High five sister!
XO Brooke
lets be bloggy friends!

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

Vine will fade fast, trust me. lol

Breanna said...

Bahaha...come to the dark side :) I joined - I think it's a great concept, but the App is so buggy I can barely post anything. They have A LOT of kinks to work out!

Hodson said...

Visiting from the Monday Mingle. Following via GFC, Twitter, and Instagram. Would love a visit back?