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Monday, February 4, 2013


I know boys like swords, guns, and all things hit 'em up bang 'em up
but I never ever thought that my sweet face would be into that sort of thing.
Not my child. 
He would be sweet and full of hugs, kisses, and love his Mama until forever.
To just be content with playing his Thomas the trains and Legos.
All completely harmless and educational toys.
These I condone.
In fact I as a Mama can sit down and play trains and Legos with him for hours.

Well,  reality as a boy Mom has slapped me right in the face.
My precious Thomas the Train lover is now walking around making shooting noises.
Oh and those educational Legos have turned into toy guns.
Great. Just Great.

Example of my toddlers weapon paraphernalia. 

Where does this come from?
Do they just wake up one morning and a like a light switch something is flipped and
they all of a sudden become obsessed the violent objects?

For the record I do not condone violence toys/objects,
so what do does a boy Mama do in this situation?
Does this go away?
Do I just go with it?
Do I play guns with him and promote these actions.

I never thought I would run into this problem,
but here I am.
Any suggestions are welcomed.
please, please help!!! 


April said...

its a tough one! My son just turned 3 and is the same way. So far we let him "play guns" but he's not allowed to kill things or say he's going to kill things. And he can't shoot real people (like his younger brother) :-). We go on "bear hunts" or "find the monsters". And a few times when he starts to get a bit too intense he has to take a break for a few days from playing with them. I find it easier to allow the boy instinct to be in him, but just give a few boundaries like you do with everything else they do/play with.

Ashley said...

My son loves guns. We started our gun safety early lol. If he's going to pretend he's going to learn the rules. No shooting at people. We shoot at toys.

I found trying to stop him only made him want to do it more. It's really however you want to do it. I find just letting them play allows them to get it out. If he doesn't do it at home he will eventually do it at school or a friend's house. This takes the mystery out of it early yanno?

Melissa W. said...

You have no idea how much I can relate to this post! When my twins were barely able to even talk, one bit the other one. I remember telling my husband, "no one in our family bites each other?" Then one twin climbed on TOP OF his dresser, jumped off, passed out, and ended up in the ER. My husband and I do not jump off of ANYTHING. It must be in their blood :-).

Unknown said...

I swear boys are just programmed to turn anything into guns. I think it's ok to play, we just don't use the words "kill" or "die". Also, we play as the "good guys" fighting the "bad guys".
I'm your newest follower! Follow me at
- Sarah

Jennifer said...

I am cracking up because we have had the same weapon cache here. One of my friend's boys made a gun out of an applesauce package (with one of the applesauces removed). They'll make them out of everything. And anything. And if you took away all their toys, they'd use their fingers / hands.

I have no advice, but I wanted you to know it's way more than normal!

Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

lg2006 said...

I am a boy mom who is originally from South Alabama so I grew up around guns and every male in our family owns and shoots guns, hunts etc so I don't think one thing about it! My nephew used to call coat hangers " pow-pows" and pretend to shoot them! I think it is just in their nature and for stuff like that ( that I don't want to encourage) I just ignore or don't make a big deal of so that it just runs its natural coarse. Like I said, for me, guns swords etc don't bother me because its all I have ever known, but I think its Ok and normal so no need to worry. I get more annoyed by peebs wanting to SPIT on everything..