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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Uh Oh No Valentine's?!

So the conversation goes a little something like this last week, ya know two weeks BEFORE Valentines Day...

Me: "So, should I go ahead and get Valentine's for C's class?" 
A rhetorical question to be honest.

Hubs: "No, that is crazy, he is two years old.
People don't like to do that crafty stuff like you do,
the parents and teacher will think you are nuts."

Me: "You think? 
I mean I like to do that kinda stuff.
What do you mean people don't like to do that "crafty stuff"
everyone likes to make pretties."

Hubs: "No, no they don't.
Again with the crazy."

So, I actually listened to my husband for once.
I never, ever, listen to him about this kinda stuff. 
I normally just talk to talk and I think I was actually shocked that he respondend to me and listened for once that I actually listend back. 

Well, enough with the listening.
Because when I get to C's school yesterday,
after I long, long day at work,
and a million things on my plate.
They hand me his daily report which was of course perfect, but there was a list of all the kids in his class names on the back.
So of course I ask what the names are for.
Hello, Cheryl, obviously the Valentines party that is on, well, Valentines Day.

I can't even tell you how annoyed I was. 
I am a planner.
A type A to the T.
I did not plan to have to go out, after I was just at the grocery store mind you.
And now I don't just have to go out and find the perfect Valentine, 
I have to go out with a ravenous toddler.
Why, oh why did I listen to my husband.
I should have gone with my gut and whipped up some cute personalized Valentine's.
Because lets be honest. 
C must have the cutest Valentines in his class.
It is a must.
I must be a super mom.

Now, I can't just run to the store and by the boxed kinda with candy.
Nope, I have to hop onto Pinterest and find a cute printable and send it of to Kinkos.

So, after my long drawn out story, 
I picked this printable from One Charming Party.

Not too shabby huh.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love, not a super mom this week


Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

So cute! You are super mom :) I was the mom who went to Kroger the night before & bought the snoopy tear off Valentine's - you know, the ones from the 80s. Although these came with little magnets which was a fancier touch than we had back the day. I'm sure all the toddler moms were super appreciative of my thoughtful gesture to include a choking hazard in their kids' Valentines. :)

hollybeary creations said...

well for a Last minute V-Day they are adorable.. My rule is never listen to my Hubby when it comes to stuff like that.. Ha Ha They don't really know. I bet he was super excited to give those out at his party.

Jennifer said...

Not too shabby at all! I did my son's valentine's the night before he needed then. At midnight. Thank goodness for free printables!

Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

Krystin said...

Such adorable Valentine's! Love the post... and the oh-so-familiar super-mom sentiments. :) (dropped by from Aloha Friday hop)

Unknown said...

I'm with your husband. I'm surprised they would do Valentines with 2-year-olds. But great job, Mom, on getting some cute and very original Valentines!