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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

So What Wednesday:: A Little Blissdom Talk::

So What Wednesday
This Wednesday I am saying So What..

- if I was super jealous of all the Blissdom craze.

-if I was stalker-ish on Instagram and Twitter to see the who's who's of Blissdom and who was wearing what and hanging out with whom.
I was totally that girl checking her feed like a tween hunting down the Biebs.

-if I am actually not as bummed now after reading some recap post of Blissdom from some of my fav bloggers ( A Sorta Fairy Tale, ILYMTC, Stilettos and Diapers).
It sounds like it was not that great this year.
I have heard about a lot of clique's.
It totally was not that way last year.

-if I am still going to go next year.
Ride or die, im going!
Baby or not.

-if I am secretly dying to know about these "mean girls" that certain bloggers are talking about.

-that I am praying for Blissdom to be held in Orlando next year.
It will be on my turf.
Well kinda.



Unknown said...

Well, now I kinda want to know what "Blissdom" is LOL!! New follower from So What Wednesdays! Would love it if you checked out and followed my blog too!


Sarah said...

Yes! Please do tell if you find the 'mean girls. This momma loves reading up on blogger drama! :)

Southern Wifey said...

new follower here, found you through the So What! linkup.
I totally agree, im dying to know who the "mean girls" were! lmao
Oh and congrats on expecting #2!
the sweet life of a southern wife

Martha said...

I have to admit I'm curious about the mean girls too...can't help it!

Sarah said...

hi! coming over from the party :)
im totally interested in blissdom too! i dont know of any other conferences but now im debating on going in the near future! if not next year, then maybe the next?! haha. a girl can dream!

Kristy said...

I am popping in from SWW. I just wanted to say, I love love love the name of your blog. I have felt this way so many days!

Shannon Dew said...

I wish I knew WHO the actual mean girls were! Right? Ah! And yeah I still kinda want to go next year. Do we know where it is?

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

My experience was mostly all good while I was at BlissDom!! I was dealing with my own nervousness, but it wasn't anything that anyone else was doing. Oh, and the "mean girls" that people are talking about. It was more drama between a few people and didn't really affect BlissDom as a whole. I am undecided whether I will return to BlissDom next year, but if I do -- it would be so fun to hang out with you!

Deanna said...

I've been wondering who the mean girls were too. I do have some suspicions based on posts that say "Of course there are cliques! It's part of life! Everyone needs to get over it!" ;)

Busy Becka said...

Deanna - ding ding ding!!! I had a blast with everyone and Im glad I went! Mean girls or not! But yes, they are making it very easy to figure out who they are!! I wont go back to Blissdom because I felt it wasnt beneficial to me but Im not worried about the "mean girls". I feel sorry for them really!