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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lookin Hot While Wearin A Baby

I was recently browsing Pinterest for different ways to wear babies. 
From the Moby, K'Tan, BabyBjorn, BabyHawk, Ergo, Boba, and Bali Breeze,
my poor pregnancy brain was swimming.

All I want to do is be able to hold my sweet little bitty babe hands free
while I battle and try to persuade the Tot to get off the table and not throw his Lego gun at the dog. 
Mama' will need all the extra hands she can get or make out of some crazy contraption wrapped around my body that may cause my newborn to dangle for it's life if its not secured correctly. 

As my head started to pound from looking at all the different options,
a certain picture popped up in my Pinterest feed.
This picture captivated me.
It literally made me gasp.

Jared Enlow 
This is the picture.
Now, I am not here to say that this baby may or not not be photo shopped in,
and ill tell you what.
I don't really care.
This is hot.
A man wearing a baby.
I never thought I would say that until I had kid of my own.
But men who can look this hot and bad ass all while wearing a baby are alright in my book.

I highly doubt I could get my husband to wear our new sweetface but it's worth a try.
I may needs some suggestions on how to get him to do this.
He is down for some kangaroo-ing in the privacy of his own home. 
I doubt he will step out in daylight with a wrap on.
Not to mention how he will even get the sucker on by himself and secure a baby in it properly.
At least I have several more months to work on this idea.
Again, any suggestions welcome. 
My husband will be that "Hot Dad".
And yes, I am ok with that.


Jen said...

This post is great! My hubs wore Logan. It was awesome. I didn't even have to talk him into it. He did it on his own :)

Shannon Dew said...

Everyone seems go be going gaga over the Ergo this year. I had the Moby with KP and loved it and it worked great for us and I plan on using it again this time. But, if you do end up going with the Ergo, I was at Marshall's/Homegoods last week and they had Ergo's for $60!

Ashley said...

I'm pretty sure this is real. i remember seeing it long ago on some celebrity site.

My husband wears my youngest when we go to the store. We have a mei tei. I have a moby but that thing is way more complicated than I'd like to admit.

Ergo is supposed to be the best. Check around your local baby resell stores!

Southern Wifey said...

OMG! that is just plain hot! I doubt id ever be able to get my hubby to babywear. lol

and totally must go to Marshalls/Homegood after reading Shannons comment!

the sweet life of a southern wife