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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I Didn't Even Know...I Have Hypothyroidism

This second go around of pregnancy is just different.
When I was pregnant with C it was so easy.
For the first 30 weeks I did not have any symptoms, no morning sickness, no nausea, no tenderness,
no heartburn, no anything really.
But come 30 weeks I was huge.
I was a big sweaty pregnant girl.
I was miserable.
And hot.

You see my torso is very, very small so there isn't much space for my babies to grow.
So my belly just grows outwards.
It looks like an alien took over my body.
Oh and I can't forget my random wake up calls at 4 AM.
I couldn't sleep past 4 AM.
It sucked.

So after having my sweet face the largeness or my torso of course went away,
I no longer had nasty heartburn, and I had a sleeping pattern of a newborn.
After the newborn stage was over and things started to level off,
I became overly exhausted.
Every time there was an option to take a nap I would.
When I was home with C during the weekends I would take a nap every time he did.
Now, I love sleep, like a college kid ok.
So I really didn't think much of it.
But by 8:00 PM on a day I took a nap I am complaining to my husband how tired I am.
And if I didn't get a nap on the weekend, forget it.
I was terrible cranky.
Not only was I so tired feeling all of the time but my hair was falling out like crazy.
So of course I hop on the Google to find out that post partum hair loss is normal.
And now I have a little kiddo to take care of so of course I am extra tired.
It was not until the 10th time, that my hair girl told me I needed to go get my blood levels checked
because my hair loss a year later is just not normal.
I was losing too much of it.

As much as I love pain, I kept putting it off and putting it off until one day I had really bad stomach pains (doesn't relate to my exhaustion or hair loss) that it made me go to the doctor.
Since I was there I figured I might as well get my blood levels checked.
I told him I was beyond tired all the time and my hair was falling out like I was using Nair as my shampoo.
They did my blood work and I told them to call me if anything looked suspicious.
I never got a call back.
It wasn't until my 6 week check up this pregnancy that they caught something in my blood work.
They said I have hypothyroidism.
Of course I had no clue what that was and jumped back onto the Google only to get freaked out.
My poor itty bitty baby is in jeopardy and I didn't even know it.
I felt helpless.
I felt tired.

But after they diagnosed me with hypothroidism it all made sense.
I did a lot of research and asked a lot of questions and my excessive sleeping, hair loss, and weight gain all made sense now.
My OB said they only check the thyroid levels on patients 30 years and older.
Great so not only am I pregnant, I'm OLD, and have hypothyroidism.
So, I could have had it when I was PG with C but I highly doubt it.
I just didn't feel like this when I was PG with him.
It wasn't until post partum that all the fun symptoms started to kick in.

So, now back to the original doctor that I went and got my blood work done because of my hair loss.
I was curious to see if I had it back then, which would be almost a year from now.
I called and of course it took them a MONTH to get the labs back to me.
I kept calling and calling and got the run around.
I hate that.
There is nothing more annoying to me than someone not doing their job properly and now I'm having to suffer because of your.
Not cool.

Anyways, I finally got the labs and my thyroid levels were QUADRUPLE of what they are supposed to be.
I never got a call or anything.
I was walking around with hypothyroidism being untreated for almost a year!
My blood was boiling when I found this out.
Just pure negligence on their part.
I have learned my lesson about doctors.
They are people too and they are "practicing" medicine.
They are not perfect and they will make mistakes.
Hopefully its not a life threatening mistake, but they do make mistakes.
So, after you get any sort of lab work done, call and get the reports yourself.
Follow up and be the crazy lady who is relentless.
Its your health.
Who cares what they think.
You should get your labs back every single time.
Someone may miss something and its at your expense not theirs.
I am now on medicine to keep my thyroid in check and the baby healthy.
I am starting to feel less tired.
I think.
Some days are worse than others and I just hit a wall.
My body will get super cold and then it will just hurt.
To the point where it hurts to move.
The OB doctor said everything should be ok for me and even better news, the baby will be ok.
I have always been a healthy person so this was quite the scare for me.
Remember to get your blood checked and get your labs back.


Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

OH girl. So glad they figured that out - and that you feel better very soon. Ironically, I just turned in an article yesterday on Secondary Infertility and one of my features was a woman who suffered multiple miscarriages until they discovered she had hypothyroidism - now she's safely pregnant. So glad your sweet one is ok - continued prayers for an uneventful rest of your pregnancy!
(Another side note for the longest comment today: I have the opposite, hyperthyroidism. A lot of the symptoms are the same - and the biggest one I had was my hair just falling out in almost clumps. So I had to giggle a bit at your comment of hair falling out like you were washing it with Nair. I can totally relate :) )

Jen said...

So glad you finally know what's wrong with you. Hope you start feeling better. Being sick and not knowing why is super scary.