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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Never Ever Ever

I am linking up with the above-mentioned ladies for

And I will
Never, Ever, Ever...

1. give up coffee. It just wont happen. I become a raging you know what
and lets be honest no one has time for that.

2. {unless I am PG or BF} would I turn down a glass of red wine.

3. will I like the Tory Burch Revas.
I just don't see how everyone says the are so comfortable.
They are THE most uncomfortable shoes I have ever put on my feet.
The Caroline's are where its at.

4. does a day go by that I don't worry about my child in some capacity.

5. will I take motherhood for granted.

6. will I turn down a poolside vacation with fruity umbrella drinks.
And let me define vacation for you...
Vacation-no kids.

7. will I turn down a sunglass shopping spree.
Not like that has ever come up in life but if it did I wouldn't turn it down.

8. will I be a reader.
US Weekly is the most reading you will get out of me.

9. will I be night person, or morning person.
I am just there.
I got to bed at 9 and wake up and go straight to the coffee.
I am a day person who needs a nap by noon.

10. does kisses from my sweet toddler get old.

1 comment:

Shelley said...

Oh man I hear ya on the kisses! Whenever I can get Emily to kiss me, I fall more in love with her lol. Thanks for linking up!!