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Monday, July 8, 2013

How Many Will I Need? I'm Here To Tell Ya...

I love a good deal!
 I do my fair share of researching
the deals out there especially on diapers and wanted to share what I have learned with you all.

Before sweet Baby E arrives I am stocking up on the diaper deals while I still have the time and energy
to research and clip coupons. 
I have quite a good stock pile going on and get pretty giddy every time I look at it. 
Some of the boxes of diapers I have picked up have been priced at $10.98, and I am talking the big 200 plus boxes of diapers. I could have even used coupons on top of the $10.98 price to make it even cheaper but of course I didn't have them with me at the time.

So, now, let me share my math and deals with you.

First up,
how many of each sized diapers will you need to stock up on before the baby arrives...
my numbers all based off of changing around 10 diapers a day and the baby gaining approximately 1/2 a pound per week for a "normal" weight baby.

Newborn Size-
You will need MAYBE 2-3 packs of these. 
Or you may not need any at all.
The newborn diapers are so incredibly small that most babies are not in the newborn sizes that long. 
My advice is to hold off on buying any the newborn sizes, instead, stock up on them at the hospital.
Stash some extras in your bag and that should hold you over.
Like every time you change a diaper set some aside so the nurse thinks you are low and replaces you with more. I am sure they know you aren't using them all but they never say anything. 

Size One-
Babies are in size ones until they are 12 pounds,
therefore you will need around 750-800 size ones. 
So that equals around 14-16 jumbo packs or 3 or 4 big boxes. 

Size One/Two's-
I personally have not stocked up on these yet but remember buying several boxes of these in between sizes with C and remember them being much cheaper than going up to the next full size.
I will be on the hunt for these soon.
I have only seen them in the Pampers brand but gotta think that other brands make them too.

Size Two-
Size two's go up to 16 pounds which means you will need around 500ish of these.
Which equals out to 12-14 jumbo packs or 2 or 3 big boxes.

Size Three-
Now this is where your baby will begin to taper off of his weight so you will need
to stock up more on the bigger sizes than the newborn, ones and two's. 
Size three's go up to size 28 pounds.
So you will need around 1,200 to 1,400 size three's.
So that means around 60 something jumbo packs or 5 to 6 of the big boxes.

Size Four-
Some kids, especially girls don't even get to the bigger sizes like four's, fives and even sixes because they area already potty trained. 
Hard to think about right?
But for me, C went all the way up to a six and stayed there for a long while. 
Since we personally don't have that much room to store any more than about 10 boxes (which is totally questionable if you ask my husband) I will only buy probably one box of four's and fives and no sixes.
Why no sixes you ask?
In hopes my next kid will be potty trained way before them.
Wishful thinking huh?!

Ok, no into the deets of how I scored that awesome deal of the $10.98 big box of Pampers. 
I was simply was browsing around Target's end caps one afternoon and noticed they had diapers on the 15% off area. Although 15% off is not that great of a deal I decided to look anyways to my surprise several boxes were marked down to $10.98. 
I asked at the register why they were marked down so low and they said because they were an online order that was returned.
So I encourage you to take a look at all the diaper deals at Target, they may be labeled wrong and you can scoop up some very cheap diapers.

Also keep in mind, if your child is out of that size still buy it, diapers make amazing gifts for new Mama's.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this...this will come in very handy in the next few months :)