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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I'm Back Baby

I am back after a long and much needed break from blogging.
Every so often I feel I need a break from the social media world.
It can get exhausting at times and too much with my work load.
Even though I love blogging, it can be a complete time suck.
I hate when I get to the point where I don't enjoy blogging, when that time comes I know its time for a break. So, that is what I did. A complete blogging shut down.
I needed to regroup and figure out what was important to me.
Handle things in its physical and mental aspects and think and deal with things in a positive light.
But, I am back and refreshed and ready to start my balancing act all over again.
Now, you ask, what in the world have I been doing on my blogging break?
Well besides growing a healthy baby boy in my belly,
I have been potty training the tot, trying to get our house in
order for our new addition, cleaning up pee (from potty training that is), traveling some,
eating lots of ice cream cones,
taking trips to the ER, pinning baby boy's nursery,
trying to fit into clothes I know I wont fit into anymore,
getting my Sugar Rush Boutique off the ground, taking naps, and trying to move unnecessary work off my plate to make more time for myself so I can enjoy my last pregnancy.
It has not been easy over here on my so called break but I have enjoyed the time off mentally.
And what better time than to start back into the blogging game than July!
July is where we celebrate C's 3rd birthday,
the count down of baby E's arrival,
Independence day (and a great excuse to eat yummy BBQ food),
and lots of other fun things in store.
So yes,
I am back in JULY!

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