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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I'm On A Boat

We have been traveling the State of Florida the last couple of weekends.
We went to Boca Grande two weeks ago for my family reunion 
with my dad's side of the family and then last weekend C and I went to Orlando
to go visit my bestie and her two sweet kiddos.

While we were in Boca Grande we all went out in my dad's boat
and to say that C had a blast would be a complete understatement. 


I have never heard the word "boat" used so many times in a five minute period.
Every time we thought we talked him out of getting off the boat we would just turn around to 
him staring at the boat, pointing and saying "boat" "Colby's boat".
Literally dang obsessed with the thing.

He has only worn a life jacket once in his life and that is when he was a lot younger so we were 
curious how he would handle a day out on the boat wearing it all day long.
He was a champ and did really well.
We just told him that if he was going to ride on the boat that he had to wear it.
And luckily he listened to us.
It was probably only because he was so obsessed with the boat that he would do anything to stay on it.

I have been on a boat a million gazillion times and never thought how dangerous
it really is with small kids on the boat.
Sure they have life jackets on but going 50 plus miles (I have no idea how fast we were going but it felt super fast) and something happening all of a sudden is just scary to think about. 
Even when the boat isn't moving they still like to lean over to see the water and could easily fall in.
There are just so many things a little one can get into on a boat that could hurt them even with a life jacket on.

This trip was our first trip with him staying in a hotel with just my husband and I.
I think that may be a post for a whole other day but that whole experience is 
pretty much exhausting as parents as especially combined with being pregnant being out on the water in the sun, staying up late and not sleeping in my own bed.
We survived and had a great time and am glad to be back at home for a weekend.

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