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Monday, July 29, 2013

Post Partum Must Haves

Post Partum Must Haves

Post Partum Must Haves by cheryl-enlow featuring h&m

Or should I name this post,
What I Should Have Registered For...

Let me start with the Luxurious Bath Products.
You may be wondering why bath products.
Well, in the beginning stages the shower is the only quite time you may be getting.
So, with that in mind you will want to make the best out of this amazing experience of pure silence.
Enters, the yummy smelling, luxurious, rich, thick bath products.
Anything shea butter is good in my book of course it has to smell divine too though.
Since you are already not feeling like your super model self at least a quick shower with some lovely bath products will help you feel semi normal.

Oh the post partum tank.
Now that you aren't pregnant anymore all you want to do is for the belly to go away.
Well sorry Mama that isn't going to happen for a while.
But with a post partum tank, it will help suck you in and slowly bring your muscles back.
Blanqui has a great tank sold at target that you can find here.
Oh and the best thing about this tank is that it is also nursing friendly.

If you are breastfeeding you will need to be drinking a lot of water and lugging around a cup of water is just not ideal with carrying around a newborn and all that chances you will have to knock it over.
So, a water bottle is the perfect way to transport your needed liquid around in for consumption.

A crock pot.
Because lets get real who wants to stand over the stove and slave away making a meal when you already have a lot going on, like keeping your new sweet one feed and fussy free.
The crock pot is such an easy way to prepare a big healthy meal for your whole family with little fuss from Mama.

Pads, pads and more pads.
You will be bleeding a lot whether you have a c section or have your baby vaginally so you will need to stock up on pads. Stocking up on the biggest boats you can find while you are pregnant is not a bad idea. Clip some coupons and when stores have them on sale scoop them up so your husband is not running to your local CVS at 3 in the morning because you are out and then coming home with tampons....catch my drift....stock up.

After the bleeding has died down a bit you will want to feel like a woman again and some what sexy.
As sexy as a bleeding swollen woman can feel and along with the amazing bath products, some cute PJ's can help with this. But its not worth getting into your cute jammies when you are still bleeding a lot, you don't want to ruin the new jammies.

iPhone or any type of smartphone really will be your best friend when you are up doing those late night feedings. Check out Facebook, Pin something random or stalk your fav Instagrammer.
Your phone will make your tiredness hopefully pass quickly.
There are also several apps that have timers for feedings, diaper changes and all that stuff that you may want to look into.

Coffee will help you throughout your long tired day.
So like with the pads, when you have a coupon and a store is having a sale, stock up!
I find the best deals on K Cups at Bed Bath and Beyond by using my 20% off coupon.

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Shannon Dew said...

I've heard more and more people talking about these tanks...I'm thinking I might need to get my hands on one!