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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Toddler's Possessions

A toddlers possessions are a funny thing.
Their motto goes something like this....

C is in this stage (at least I pray to God that it's a stage) 
that everything that he has and we own is his.
I mean everything.
It's "Colby's house", "Colby's outside", "Colby's iPad", "Colby's phone", "Colby's mommy (which he is right but such a possessive little thing aren't we)", you get the picture.
When did my little tot get so demanding and oh so possessive?! 

We have to teach our kids everything from walking to talking to manners
but what do you know... they all of a sudden, out of thin air learn the possessiveness of the English language.
It's amazing
These littles are so much smarter than we give them credit for.
Claim everything as yours and see what sticks.
Kinda like their thinking I gotta say.
Maybe they think that us parents will just give in and the world will soon be theirs!

But, little do these kids know that none of these things are theirs, not their clothes on their back, not "Colby's house", not those gosh forsaken bubbles mommy thought was a good idea to buy on a whim, or even those cute little undies. Those things my sweet little tot friend are mommies and daddies. We worked hard to get those things and they are MINE. 

So, mommy is happy that you have decided to learn some middle school English lesson but the lesson I really am looking forward to is when you are old enough to understand that mommy and daddy worked hard for "Colby's house" and "Colby's everything else but the nasty vegetables you refuse to eat". 
When you are old enough to realize those things don't just appear in your house, that we had to make sacrifices for you and all out of love.
I can't wait for you to finally get what it feels like to want to do these special things for someone because you love them so much.  

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