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Thursday, August 1, 2013

2 Minutes

This motherhood thing is no joke.
It certainly is not for the weary as I am quickly...errr maybe not so quickly learning.
Just when I think I have everything figured out my sweet toddler throws me a curve ball.
It happens every time.
Let me explain...
C face was such an easy newborn, baby, one year old and two year old.
Don't get me wrong he is a still easy compared to some of the nightmares kiddos I see
and read blogs about, but  just when I think I am going to get some time to myself, I feel like he is laughing ever so evilly (is that a word?) inside.
Enter our newest battle...
Bed time
Why don't they understand that they need sleep?
I need sleep.
C's new thing is "2 minutes" just lay down for "2 minutes mommy", well since he is a toddler he has no concept of time so 2 minutes equals eternity in his mind.
What he is really saying to me (IMO), "lay down FOREVER and never EVER get up".
Now, I know I can't give in.
I have a bun in the oven and can't have to lay down with C for an hour to try to get him to go to sleep when I have a newborn on my hands so I know I have to be firm.
I am not good at being firm.
Well, the hubs would say I am excellent at being a bitch firm but I just can't look at that
sweet precious face and lay down the law.
But I know I must.
After melt down after melt down of not giving in I ask myself,
is this worth it?
He seems truly upset and my mommy heart hurts.
I simply can not see him like this.
Whether it be his "game" or not I just can't do it.
So, I give in and lay down...
I look at his red, teary, snotty sweet face and can't help but think my days with just him are limited.
It makes me sad, he wont be my one and only anymore.
He will have to share me, his one and only mama will not be purely focused on him all the time.
Will he be upset?
Will his heart hurt for his mama?
Will he despise his baby brother for taking away his mama?
These are all the things that I can't help but think of.
So, in the mean time...
before Baby E #2 arrives, I will snuggle that sweet face and love on him while I still can.
While I can still focus on all things C.

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