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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Personal Thoughts

I am not one to discuss on my personal body experience here on my blog.
For example, breastfeeding,
I have never really delved into my experience I had with C nor do I really have the desire to.
However, with the pending arrival of Baby Austin I can't help but think about
my upcoming venture in feeding my newborn.

With C, I tried BF, I didn't know if I didn't give my milk long enough to come in,
felt too overwhelmed, or just plain quit.
Not really sure which one and maybe a mixture of them all to be honest.
I think Baby C got some colostrum which was important to me but other than that he didn't get much action on the actual boob.
I did pump however.
I pumped for about 5-6 weeks.
So yes, he did get some actual breast milk.

This time, I am hoping and praying for a different experience.
I am giving myself a pep talk starting now that I can do this BF thing.
All these other women can do it so why can't I.
It's easy and natural.
Different baby equals different experience right??

If however it is not different I refuse to beat myself up about it.
It is what it is.

I look at all these other moms who do it and I am just in aw.
I feel like they are superheros.
How do they do it all, take care of post partum-selves, their family, and their itty bitty newborns.
It seems impossible.
It seems scary.

I am not a fan of pumping,
to me it takes so much work and is BORING.
Who wants to be strapped to a machine like a cow with nothing to do, not even a cute newborn to snuggle while you are getting food for your newborn.
But if the actual BF doesn't work than I think I will exclusively pump.
We shall see.

Oh and don't forget that I'm going back to work so I can't really exclusively BF,
 I need to pump too if i am going to stick to breastmilk for Baby A.
How I'm going to switch and just pump, to how I'm going to pump at work, to will my supply keep up with my new back to work lifestyle??
Their are so many unknowns that scare me.
The first go around I was clueless but I know too much now and its frightening.

1 comment:

Caitlynne and Jared said...

Good luck! My first bfing experience was very similar to yours and I felt exactly like you do when I was gearing up for baby #2. I think the bfing felt a little more natural the second time which helped me stick with it. I also have pumped a lot more than I thought I would, and even though I feel like a cow hooked up to the pump, I like that we have bottles for those middle of the night feedings or when we're out running errands. When it gets stressful, I always tell myself that formula isn't failure! My first is happy and healthy after pretty much only formula for his first year and that's all that matters! Thanks for sharing your experience, it's nice to hear about other moms that rocked the formula journey!