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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

So What...

 Since my arrival back on the blogging scene it is only appropriate that I kick it off with linking up with Life After I Dew's "So What Wednesdays". This genius little link up is actually a bit of therapy for this mama. So many other mama's can relate to what you are going through and makes you feel human again. So this Wednesday, here is what im saying "So What" to...
  • that I may cry myself to sleep on Sunday because my maternity leave officially commences on Sunday night. My 8 weeks of baby-ness is done, back to reality
  • if I might be a tiny bit excited to go back to work and have some "me" time in the piece and quiet. I am not ready for the actual work load though.
  • if I am strategizing how I am going to cat nap at work. Lets just say lunch break napping is my fav.
  • that I have my carts full at Old Navy, Shutterfly and Target in hopes of killer Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. All I gotta do is just click the purchase now button.
  • if my favorite part of Thanksgiving and the left overs is the pumpkin pie and gobs and gobs of Cool Whip.
  • that my second favorite part of Thanksgiving is not having to cook for a week due to all the left overs. I do not enjoy cooking but I love to bake. Cooking is just not fun, who wants to taste chicken while you are cooking it??? Baking is way more awesome because you can lick the batter...yum
Come back next week to see what im saying "So What" to.


Crissa said...

Awwww, best wishes as you head back to work. :)

Shannon Dew said...

How has it been 8 weeks already? HOW!?

Lauren @ Another mom another blog. said...

Cool Whip on pumpkin pie is the best ever!

- Lauren @