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Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Recap

I think this picture below prefaces my next 18 plus years of photos. Neither one of my boys are looking at the camera and one is giving me a half smirk/smile while the other looks plain pissed off. So, here is to Christmas in 20-13!

Colby was enamoured with our tree this year. Luckily only one ornament was broken from tree up to tree down. His scooter was by far his favorite Santa gift. He rides that thing everywhere and when I mean everywhere, from the bathroom to go pee pee to his bed to go to sleep. He would sleep with the darn thing if I would let him.

Santa was a success. No tears shed but alcohol would have been nice. After a TWO AND A HALF HOUR wait line to see Santa the hubs and I were at our whits end. But hey, here is our Santa pic. And are we the only family that thinks paying $21.00 for a Santa pic is downright price gouging?! Why is something not done about this? I need a Groupon for a Santa pic next year. Please work on this someone.

Thank goodness for the snow globe while waiting for Santa. Since we live in Florida this will be the closest thing to snow we get. He was obsessed. Now how many kids actually touched this snow and all the germs on it is another story but you will do anything to keep your kid entertained in a two and half hour wait line. The germ infested snotty nosed mall playground even sounded good. And yes, we rode the elevator and escalator no less than a two dozen times each.

When the hubs and I were getting ready to go to bed we do our nightly checks on the kids and found Colby like this. He was exhausted after all the Santa fun. Me too too.

Now that the Enlow's have checked Christmas off their lists we are ready for the New Year! Bring it on 2014! We are more than ready!