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Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Our family is now complete.
Just the four of us.
My heart and house is busting at the seams.
With two boys and a husband, I am out numbered and I simply love it.
The addition of Austin Thomas has made our family oh so sweet.
To put into words how much joy Colby has put into our lives is indescribable.
The laughter that has filled our house and the life lessons I have learned from my first baby boy in just three short years is mind blowing.
When Austin was born I knew that God had placed him with our family for a reason. To make our family complete.
To open my heart. To love even more than I ever thought was possible. To care and protect another precious life. To guide and teach him to follow the Lord, love his Wife and take marriage seriously, not take your children for granted because you never know when God has a bigger plan, so be in the moment.
I am in charge of growing my children’s minds and sculpting them into men. I want my two boys to be the ones that all the parents talk about, and for the good reasons. That they are respectful, handsome, funny and strong Christian men, those are the Enlow boys.

I knew I would become a mother one day but never knew God had this life planned out for me.
This life I live with these three boys in my life makes me so happy.
I think back on the sweet memories of Colby and how he has made me a Mom.
He was my first, my love, my everything.
He exercised my heart to hold unmeasurable amounts of love, he has taught me what real patience is, how to be a strong woman and smile and be silly when you don't want to, Colby has taught me what life is all about.
I believe Colby has shown me my purpose to life here in earth.
So now when I gaze into Austin's eyes I know he has life lessons cut out for me that I cant wait to experience Whether these experiences are good, bad or ugly, I'm ready. I am ready for God to work through my precious boys and make me a better person. 

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