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Friday, December 6, 2013

It's Friday!

It's Friday!
 I made it through the week. 
Not sure how that happened. It must have been my "afternoon delights" I have been enjoying. 
Sit back, relax and go grab your favorite delight and enjoy some of my highlits of the week.

Mail day, mail day!
This week was an awesome mail day.
Old Navy was having another one of their amazing, must stock up on stuff I dont really even need sales and I picked up two of these bags. One black and one brown. Can't go wrong if you ask me. 
I feel like I am becoming more practical, I hate the thought of carrying around my designer bags to work with me when its packed full of kids junk, snacks, and whatever else I can shove in there. These were very inexpensive and will get the job done all while looking chic and stylish. 

Colby has gotten ahold of my glasses one to many times so its time that I got some new frames. 
Since I am kinda time crunched these days I wanted to find a way to try my glasses on at home, get a feel for them and then decide. I came across Warby Parker glasses and they did just that.
They sent me these five glasses.
I did a little "fashion" show for my brother and husband and I picked.... you like?

They are totally different than the ones I currently have as they are much smaller on my face. 
But they say the bigger the better right?!

This is my "afternoon delight".

Venti Vanilla Iced Coffee with one Splenda and light cream
and don't forget the cake pop.

I am digging the Thanksgiving blend. Its a bit bolder than I normally like 
but a nice change to my routine coffee picks. 

I think I need to have these Kate Spade earrings.
They would add the perfect touch to my everyday and work look. 
Simple and classic.

I even have a coupon code for Kate Spade, shall I pull the trigger?!

How cool is this?!
I know that if I was a toddler I would have thought this was so cool.
Im totally going to try this with Colby.
And hopefully he thinks im the coolest mom ever for getting him to talk to Santa.

I also can't wait to start up Mr. Elf's antics this year.
You can check out some of my ideas that I whipped up last year here.

2014 is right around the corner.
And you know what that means?!
This overly organized boy mom needs a new planner in her life. 

And did I mention it needs to be affordable?
Well, it does.
I ran across these planners at Target from Sugar Paper and arent they gorgeous!!
With the price of one high end planner I can probably buy this whole line and wont feel guilty about it when one of my boys spills coffee all over it. 


ap said...

Um are we sisters? Seriously, as I read this entry I'm thinking "oh my gosh this chick is into everything I am LOVE!" - those cake pops are to die for. I teach preschool and we had those for a birthday celebration a couple weeks ago! Have a great weekend, you have a new follower! xoxo Amanda

hello erin said...

i LOVE your WP's!! i might be a tad jealous- they're SO CUTE. and pull the trigger on those kate spade earrings. i mean you clearly need them in your life- they're perfect with like everything :) happy friday!

alicia said...

we love all of the same things. the planner, the earrings, the starbucks. everything's too cute! :)