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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Merry Christmas You Little Name Brand Snob

It's time, that time of the year, the happiest time of the year.
Gift giving is my most stressful time.

I can't be the only who deals with this scenario every Christmas...

You are scouring the Internet for THAT perfect gift.
You can't find it, so you decide to hop in over to your favorite site.
Just for a quick second.
Before you know it you have a cart full of items that catch your eye.
But they are all for YOURSELF.

Gift Guide

Well that is a big, big, problem 
because you are supposed to be buying presents for others, not yourself.
So, what else do you do?
Either you...
A) click the purchase button because YOU need a Christmas gift too.
You have been a good girl all year.
B) leave hints for your husband to buy them for you
C) decide to buy a piece from your wish list every month

I personally would go with a mixture of all three.

How beautiful would your closet be if some Valentinos 
and a new pair of Tory's graced your shoe rack?
And a girl can never have too much jewelry, that Michele watch
and Yurman ring would make the perfect additions.
The sunglasses are a no brainer, they make the perfect statement to an already perfected outfit and cover up your hungover smokey eye from the previous night of partying.
Oh, and the Galaxy Note needs a home.
Which is obviously Kate Spade's newest "it" bag.
Even though all of these pretties are on the expensive side,
any girl deserves them after the year you have had, whether it be good or bad.
You deserve it.

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