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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

So What!

Life After I DewIt's Wednesday, and you know what that means....I'm dishing on my "So Whats" for the week with Life After I Dew.

- if my maternity leave has been extended another two weeks. Along and frustrating story with lots of sicknesses. But hey, I'm not going to complain. I need the extra time. It actually comes at the perfect time since Christmas is sneaking up on us.

- that I'm done with my Christmas shopping. Don't be jealous! Now I just need to wrap and ship off.

- Even though I'm officially done with my shopping I still haven't finished decorating the house. Guess I should probably do that since Christmas is only a couple of weeks away.

-if I think I have the cutest kids in the Holly Jolly Pj Party link up. Go see them here.

- if I am enjoying some hot chocolate as my afternoon delight when its 80 degrees out. I love hot chocolate this time of the year.

- if our new couch that we just got is my favorite piece of furniture in the house solely because it has cup holders. And cup holders that will hold my wine glass perfectly.

Come swing by next week to see what I'm saying So What to next week.


Z@KickingKilos said...

:) Hope you get done with decorating the house soon. The time will just fly off!


Unknown said...

Cup holders in your couch? That sounds Awesome and big enough for a wine glass double bonus.
We aren't finished decorating either. We went gang busters and got the tree done but that's about it. I love looking at the decorations so I need to get working on that.
Stopping by from the link up - Jenny

Paula said...

A couch with cup holders, now that is my kind of couch!