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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

So What

Life After I Dew Hey! So what it's only Wednesday?! Yep, so what! Shannon from Life After I Dew said that it's ok to complain and you know what. I'll take you right up on Shannon.

- That Christmas is exactly one week away. Ahhhh I still have so much to do. I have all my shopping to do but NOTHING is wrapped and I don't have my menu planned out.

- Every year I have a theme for my gift wrap. This year is snowman and stripes. I still need to stock up on some ribbon though. My packages have to have big bows on them. They say the bigger the better right? Oh and glitter and sparkles. Big sparkly bows make a package IMO.

-I don't have enough time in the day to get everything I need to get done done and still get my required 9 hours of sleep in. This imposes a problem for me. I must get my sleep.

-I needed my maternity leave extended another month. I like to think if I had this extension then everything would already be completed and I would not be this stressed out. Doubtful but a girl can dream that her wish list was all checked off right?

-Being back at work. Sucks. That is all on that subject.

- If I got my Macbook last year for Christmas and am still pretty clueless on how to use this thing. Any tips on a good site to go to to learn some simple tips and tricks?

-That I have been indulging in Hot Chocolate in the afternoons even though it is 80 degrees here.

-That I hate the cold. Christmas in Florida requires it to be no colder than 70 degrees. That is my mind of Christmas. Who needs the cold? Not this girl!

Did the words "glitter and sparkle" help deter you from all my complaining? I personally love those words. They make me happy, SO WHAT!


K said...

Hey There! New follower from Shannon's SWW link-up! I'm so jealous that it's 80 degrees where you are. I live in Mass and we just had our second snowstorm and it is 23 degrees out. I get out of shoveling this year, but we might have to move down South before next Winter!

Paula said...

I wish it was 80* where I live

Lauren @ Another mom another blog. said...

I tried to have a theme for my giftwrap for this year (red and white) but pretty much failed, haha. How hard would it be for Target to make some grey chevron wrapping paper? I'd give them all my money!
I feel the same way about cold weather. Unfortunately I live in Colorado. It hit 40 the other day and it was t-shirt and flip flop weather for me!