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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Personal Thoughts

I am not one to discuss on my personal body experience here on my blog.
For example, breastfeeding,
I have never really delved into my experience I had with C nor do I really have the desire to.
However, with the pending arrival of Baby Austin I can't help but think about
my upcoming venture in feeding my newborn.

With C, I tried BF, I didn't know if I didn't give my milk long enough to come in,
felt too overwhelmed, or just plain quit.
Not really sure which one and maybe a mixture of them all to be honest.
I think Baby C got some colostrum which was important to me but other than that he didn't get much action on the actual boob.
I did pump however.
I pumped for about 5-6 weeks.
So yes, he did get some actual breast milk.

This time, I am hoping and praying for a different experience.
I am giving myself a pep talk starting now that I can do this BF thing.
All these other women can do it so why can't I.
It's easy and natural.
Different baby equals different experience right??

If however it is not different I refuse to beat myself up about it.
It is what it is.

I look at all these other moms who do it and I am just in aw.
I feel like they are superheros.
How do they do it all, take care of post partum-selves, their family, and their itty bitty newborns.
It seems impossible.
It seems scary.

I am not a fan of pumping,
to me it takes so much work and is BORING.
Who wants to be strapped to a machine like a cow with nothing to do, not even a cute newborn to snuggle while you are getting food for your newborn.
But if the actual BF doesn't work than I think I will exclusively pump.
We shall see.

Oh and don't forget that I'm going back to work so I can't really exclusively BF,
 I need to pump too if i am going to stick to breastmilk for Baby A.
How I'm going to switch and just pump, to how I'm going to pump at work, to will my supply keep up with my new back to work lifestyle??
Their are so many unknowns that scare me.
The first go around I was clueless but I know too much now and its frightening.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Babski Baby

It's no secret that I love all things baby (except the crying of course).
But the cute little clothes, hats, shoes, swaddles, toys, etc,
I love it all and can't get enough.
With Baby Austin making his appearance soon I am officially on the hunt for all things
boy blue, adorable, and snuggly.
I also like to find things that are a bit different than the standard baby items and things you find at your local Target/Walmart/Amazon.
Don't get me wrong, I love me some Target/Walmart/Amazon,
but little cute boutique finds are my ultimate favorite.
They normally have things that other places just don't have, and normally they are to die for cute.
I happened to run across Babski Baby and fell in love.
They have the most adorable baby stuff.
What I love is that they have taken the standard bib (for example) and turned it into the cutest thing.
Take a look....

This bib is not only buzz-worthy but it is large and wraps around to prevent any
I think Baby A needs this....

And how bad to the bone would your sweet one look in this bib.
It's boyish, cute, and serves two purposes, for your babe to look like one cool dude and catch any extra drool.

And did I mention that I am a total sucker for baby hats.
The photos with itty bitty sleeping babies in hats are my favorite.
Babski Baby has some pretty cute Merry Berry Hats in stock too.
This sweet nautical hat would be perfect for A, he would even match his nursery in it.

What do you think?
A must have right?!

Ok, ready...on the count of three say..."AWWWW"

I know I have said all of Babski Babies products are adorable,
but really....look at these adorable Baby Shoes.
I am not the one to put shoes on my infant but could I pass these up?

Or these?
Again, they would match Baby A's room.
Adorable-ness and it doesn't stop there.

Babski Baby has so many more cute items you will want to check out.
So hop on over.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Thoughts::Post Partum Body::

With Pinterest, Instagram and blogging,
it is so easy to fall into the mindset that all of these
women we follow have perfect and amazing lives.
With their Tory Burch shoes, LV bags, and skinny bodies to boot,
they seem like they have it all.
I know better, and you know better, that through all that stuff these
Mama's struggle just like the rest of us.
With only 8 weeks left until we meet our sweet baby boy I can't help
to think of the lovely and dreaded post partum body.
It's not pretty, its saggy, its cottage cheese looking, floppy, and just down right frightening.
But, we all go through it.
For the sake of our children.
The sweet, sweet baby is 100% worth it and motherhood is one of the biggest blessings God can give you.
Once all the hospital hype is over and you are back in your own homes and into reality, there is a tendency to feel like you are the only one who have these sorry bodies.
That no one understands.
To stand in front of the mirror before showering can hurt you heart.
The thought of your husband to see you with no clothes on is scary.
Your body is never the same and you may think that it will never go back.
Even the ones we are closets too make comments on our bodies and how we "better get back into shape" and "don't let yourself go" and "your husband wants you to keep yourself together, he remembers the woman he married, not this", "you know you need to get the weight off", "the longer you keep the weight on the harder it will be to get off". 
Its hurtful, its sad and guess what....
You know all of these things, you are your own worst critique so by someone else telling you, it is just down right hurtful.
You just had a baby.
The miracle of life just came out of you, and you need the time to adjust to not housing a baby in your belly.
He did live in there for 10 months ya know.
What is important to you now should be keeping yourself together and a baby alive.
The weight will be here and will be constantly nagging at you.
So by someone else telling  and reminding you is painful.
So even if you are thinking that you need to speak up and tell a post partum Mama your personal thoughts on getting the weight off, hold off.
She is sensitive and already knows.
You will not be telling her something new and mind blowing.
Leave her be and let her snuggle her sweet baby while she can.
Before you know it, she will have a better body than you, and for which you can smile and be happy for her, because you know how hard her life has been for the past year.

Monday, August 5, 2013

He Has A Name

We have a name for our little guy...

his name will be
Austin Thomas
and will be here in 8 weeks!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

2 Minutes

This motherhood thing is no joke.
It certainly is not for the weary as I am quickly...errr maybe not so quickly learning.
Just when I think I have everything figured out my sweet toddler throws me a curve ball.
It happens every time.
Let me explain...
C face was such an easy newborn, baby, one year old and two year old.
Don't get me wrong he is a still easy compared to some of the nightmares kiddos I see
and read blogs about, but  just when I think I am going to get some time to myself, I feel like he is laughing ever so evilly (is that a word?) inside.
Enter our newest battle...
Bed time
Why don't they understand that they need sleep?
I need sleep.
C's new thing is "2 minutes" just lay down for "2 minutes mommy", well since he is a toddler he has no concept of time so 2 minutes equals eternity in his mind.
What he is really saying to me (IMO), "lay down FOREVER and never EVER get up".
Now, I know I can't give in.
I have a bun in the oven and can't have to lay down with C for an hour to try to get him to go to sleep when I have a newborn on my hands so I know I have to be firm.
I am not good at being firm.
Well, the hubs would say I am excellent at being a bitch firm but I just can't look at that
sweet precious face and lay down the law.
But I know I must.
After melt down after melt down of not giving in I ask myself,
is this worth it?
He seems truly upset and my mommy heart hurts.
I simply can not see him like this.
Whether it be his "game" or not I just can't do it.
So, I give in and lay down...
I look at his red, teary, snotty sweet face and can't help but think my days with just him are limited.
It makes me sad, he wont be my one and only anymore.
He will have to share me, his one and only mama will not be purely focused on him all the time.
Will he be upset?
Will his heart hurt for his mama?
Will he despise his baby brother for taking away his mama?
These are all the things that I can't help but think of.
So, in the mean time...
before Baby E #2 arrives, I will snuggle that sweet face and love on him while I still can.
While I can still focus on all things C.