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Monday, January 6, 2014

Achieve Your Goals + Printable

Happy New Year! This post is coming a couple days after the New Year, due to the fact I wanted extra time to contemplate my goals. Yes, goals. I hate the words "resolutions". The definition of resolution is as follows: "the state or quality of being resolute; firm determination. 

Now, that sounds like a lot of pressure if you ask me. I got a lot on my plate how it is. I would like to better myself, wouldn't we all? But, I am not going to put an insurmountable pressure on myself just to place a check mark off on unattainable resolutions. No. I am going to make a list of attainable GOALS. Things that will make me a better person but at the same time will not drive me to crazy-town. I will make a list of GOALS and in those GOALS are the things that I will try to fulfill. These things are what matter to me. What will make me a better person for not only myself but for my husband, my boys, my family. So, here is a short list of my 2014 GOALS.

Now some of these GOALS may come second nature to some and some of these do for me as well. But, I want to make sure I keep reminding myself of what is important each and every day. And you know what? These are MY GOALS so obviously they apply to what fits me best. 

Since GOALS and resolutions are already so hard to keep up with I decided to create a GOALS printable that you can fill in with your own GOALS. All you have to do is DL it from SCRIBD in the 8X10, put it in a fab frame, write your goals in a dry erase marker, and check it off as you go. 

2014 Goals Printable

Happy New Year ya'll and good luck with your goals. You can do it!

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Breanna said...

Such a cute printable, Cheryl! You are amazing! :) You will be able to reach all of your goals! I'll be your cheerleader :)

Victoria said...

great printable!

Heather said...

Love the printable! Thanks for sharing! Visiting from #SITStribe!