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Friday, January 17, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! I can't believe I am saying this, but this week flew by! Probably because I am super excited about the upcoming weekend and my husband was home all week to help. I had several posts in mind to publish this week but the week just got away from me. Now that I am back working full time and working out when I get home it makes for very short nights and not a lot of time to blog. However, I did want to squeeze in a little Five on Friday love with the good life blog.

I am going to NOLA this weekend for one of my besties 30th birthday!! I am super excited to celebrate with her and its a KIDS FREE trip! So lots of eating, drinking, and sleeping in! Hopefully I will come back rested and not hungover. And hopefully not have gained 10 pounds in the process.

We have reservations at several restaurants, a day at the spa and time to relax. I simply can't wait to live it up! If you want to follow my trip pics, catch me on Instagram, my Insta name is CherEnlow.

I did a little birthday shopping for myself. I decided to treat myself to some new fun makeup from Sephora. I still have yet to dive into that Naked 2 palette. I want to research some eye tutorials first. So, if you know of any good You Tube videos please send them my way. 

My signature scent is the Viva La Juicy so of course I had to get the purse size version so I can smell delish at all times. I have always wanted to try CLEAN scents and am so far impressed with all of them. They are the perfect everyday where and smell fresh and well, clean. I think my favorite of the five scents are the Skin and First Blush. 

My husband surprised me with a subscription to a wine club. Uh hello, love language! Not the gift part of it, the wine. I love wine. We will be getting 4 shipments of cases like this one... 

In case you are wondering where we got the subscription from, its the The Wall Street Journal Wine Club. 

I do have to admit that the timing of the wine club kinda sucks. Even though my husband surprised me with the wine club, he also surprised me with wanting to go on the South Beach Diet. I kicked and screamed about doing it but finally said ok. I need to get the rest of this baby weight off and eat better anyways, so I gave in. It's hard but I am seeing shrinkage in my waist for sure. I am a believer. Part of the South Beach Diet is no alcohol in Phase One. So, in the mean time I just get to stare at this pretty box of salivating wine. Wish me luck that I can abstain. 

I am working on drafting a post with all of the foods I have been enjoying on the diet. Hopefully it will go live next week so keep your eyes peeled. 

Apparently we have been living under a rock because we have not seen Frozen yet. Lets just say that the last movie outing we took C to was not a success so I am very hesitant about going again. I did hear that you can watch it on however, I am scared to actually do it. I don't think its legit. Have you done this with your kids? Did it really work?

Should I just do it and stop being a sissy? It looks like a move that the whole family can enjoy. Thoughts please :)


Tiffany @ This Whole House said...

Hello from Five on Friday!! I knew I would love your blog simply from the title. Nap time is a GOOD time of day. It's nice to meet you and I look forward to following your blog!


Kelli Herrington said...

I came across your blog and I love it.
NOLA is a amazing way to spend a 30th good times and great food. I want Dragos now lol
Love the makeup and likewise Juicy is my scent. The Naked 2 you are going to love I am wanting Naked 1 now

Sill Family Adventures said...

What a great list. NOLA is my favorite travel location, we went there for my husbands 30 also!!! And the Urban 2 pallet you cant't go wrong with any look. Happy weekend!!

Sill Family Adventures said...

Have a blast in NOLA, my favorite travel location by far!! We went there for my husbands 30th as well. Great buy with the Naked 2 pallet you can't go wrong with any look! Happy weekend!!

Trish said...

Oh! I've never been to NOLA and am a wee bit jealous! Have a great time! #SITStribe

Bethany said...

A kid free trip to NOLA sounds so amazing! Even if you do gain ten pounds all of the delish food makes it worth it, especially when you don't have to share any of it with tiny humans! Have a great trip! Visiting from #SITStribe

Unknown said...

Hi Cheryl!

I am visiting from the #SITStribe. I love it...I love the weekend getaway, the makeup, the wine, and heck yeah go for the movie :-) Diet I am not so keen on I am however, wanting to go on a clean diet, not completely because I too work and go to school full time with 3 kiddo's so I need something simple. Thanks for sharing!

Debra Rutt said...

Hope you had a great trip to NOLA, sometimes trips with girlfriends is just what I need to recharge and refuel for myself and my family! We loved Frozen, going to see Nut Job next!