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Friday, January 3, 2014

Five On It

Oh Friday, you are my second favorite "F" word. So glad you finally graced us with your presence. Now that all of the holiday celebrations are done and over with I can finally settle back in and tell you about some fun secrets I have been keeping from you. They involve custom-made dapperness for your itty bitties and some morning delights.

Yep, I'm wearing shorts in December/January. Aren't you jealous?! I can't even imagine having to get all bundled up just to go outside AND having to layer jackets and sweaters, mittens and hates on my kids. Forget about it. I don't have the patience for all that. So here is my laughing (sorry) at all you that have to. 

My new boys clothing love is the fabulous Swanky Shank. You will not find boys clothes any cuter than hers. She was voted #6 of Best Baby Clothing Shop of 2013 on Etsy. Go check out her stuff now!!! 

It is obvious that I love Swanky Shank by now (I promise and pinky swear that this is not a sponsored post I am just in serious love with her stuff) and another reason I love her Swank is because it is not only custom-made and full of darling-ness for my sweet boy, but she also runs some kick booty deals. Like this one.... 

For $30.00 you get all these deals. You will be saving so much money that it would be stupid not to snag this while its still available. She is only doing a certain amount of these so hurry and get yours while she is still selling them. I got mine the first day she posted about it. There was no way I was missing out on this!

Here are the deets on where to grab you some Swank. 

Aaaannndd if it doesn't get any better. She has 14% off for the New Year! Heck yeah! I have my eye on that middle gray stopped heart outfit for Austin, he would look pretty dapper in it don't ya think?

This right here is pure heaven. Now, let me warn you, in no way is this healthy or low in calories, but is everything in high caloric intake, spicy, fatty and yummy. Winner, winner in my book. You can check out the recipe on my Pinterest board under Foodie Love.

Ok so, I know its the new year and we all are trying to eat healthier and blah blah blah but I made this for our New Years Breakfast and it was nothing short of perfection. It has blueberries so it counts as healthy right? If you are looking for the recipe it can be found on my Foodie Love Pinterest board. 


Meghan said...

I'm so jealous of you getting to wear shorts in January! I'm in New Jersey and we just got hit in some snow and the high is only 16 degrees!

Elise @ Her Heart and Home said...

Dandalang that recipe looks aaaamazing! And those cutiepie boy clothes...BLESS!! Happy Friday,! xx

JMO said...

It just got ridiculously freezing here in VA so cheers to you and warmer weather!! Happy weekend!

Unknown said...

Fabulous post.
I've got to check out those recipes for sure.

That Etsy shop....EEK! Excited about that for Dav and Lilli! ♥

Happy Friday!

Breanna said...

Are you kidding me!? Okay - first of all, you are drop dead GORGEOUS. Seriously. While you are enjoying your shorts, we are snowed in and expected to have -35 windchills. Haha. Want to trade? :)

Secondly, that Etsy shop is ADORABLE. I totally just added it to my favorites and liked it on Facebook! I also may or may not have ordered that Valentine's Day outfit for Jonah. (I can't take the adorableness!)

N said...

You're right- I'm jealous of those shorts!! We have TONS of snow here. Which is gorgeous...except that spring doesn't come here until about May. Sad face!!

And I love your hair! So gorgeous :)

Tami Marie said...

I'm new here and as soon as I saw the start of this post, 'Oh Friday, you are my second favourite F word' I was sold! May I ask what's the first? If it's the first I am thinking about...then we are besties already. :) HAHA

I live in the Caribbean so I wear shorts all year round! It's awesome right?!?

Unknown said...

The boys new clothing is looking SO cute! I have to go check out that shop! Visiting from #SITStribe