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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kinda Girl

-thinks she is hilarious. It's true. I'm funny. And yes, I will laugh at my own jokes.

-has to have my morning cup of coffee. If I don't, I get a raging SOB headache.

-curses like a sailor. It's a flaw I'm working on. I blame my workplace.

-has a dry sense of humor. I think sarcasm is my second language.

-would prefer to watch an action/blood and guts movie over a romcom any day.

-reads E-Cards to cheer me up. Preferably the meaniest ones that no one in their right mind would say out loud. Those make my heart smile when I need a good laugh. (the latest ones I'm loving are: "I found a special medication for your bitching. It's called Shut The F*ck Up" and Yoga pants and a t-shirt...did I just wake up or get off the treadmill? No one will ever know")

-pushes "OK" whenever a prompt on the computer pops up. Whatever it is saying I don't care. Just push "OK". Drives my husband bat shit.

-doesn't like to get rid of things. Again, drives my husband bat shit. I could possible use it again in another lifetime or it may come back in style in the next ten years.

-has to have the kitchen spotless but could careless how the dishwasher is organized. Just throw them in and get them out of sight.

-loves, bacon, wine and Oreos. But I guess who doesn't?

-used to not be caught dead without makeup in public. Well, now I have kids and ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

-that hates feelings. It's true. If you know me IRL you know what I'm talking about.

-that goes right to her room when she gets home from work and takes off all her clothes and gets immediately into yoga pants. Don't try to get me to do anything before I get into my yoga pants. It's not happening.


Tiffany Cutcliff said...

I am with you on so many of those!!!

Tiffany Cutcliff said...

I am with you on so many of those!

Meet Lindsay said...

I am new to your blog and I LOVE IT! You are so real! Amen to comfy pants when walking in the door...even though I sometimes get away with yoga pants to school so comfy all day!

Shannon Dew said...

Potty mouth over here! I've toned it down A LOT now that Kendall listens to EVERYTHING {even when I don't know it}. But, yeah

Angelique Ouellette-Tower said...

Thanks for co-hosting the "Let's Be Friends" blog hop! I'm your newest google+ & Bloglovin follower.
PS – I would also like to invite you to a networking blog hop that lasts 1 month long: “The Chain Linky CLIMB” on my blog– Thank you! Chain Linky CLIMB

Harlynn said...

I laugh at my own jokes too, hehe.
I find myself quite hilarious. ;p