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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Toddler is Cooler Than I Am

At what point in my toddler's life did he become cooler than I am? I am no longer cool. Is it because I use the word "cool"? Who knows...

Here are my top 5 reasons why my toddler is cooler than I am...

1. He looks like a bad ass in his aviators. He can rock the hell out of some sunglasses. Me on the other hand...I dont even own a pair of aviators, the last pair of sunglasses I bought myself was 6 years ago. Pre-kids. When we were DINKS and living the high life. I can't afford those shits anymore.

2. He jams out to the Beatles. Listening to the Beatles to pass the time is his idea of a relaxing. Beatles people. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, Strawberry Fields, ya know. My kid has better taste in music than I do. He is also into Lorde. Inappropriate, yes, but also kinda hilarious when you hear him singing "royyyallls, ooohhh". Mom fail. Or wait, is it really?

3. He says whatever comes to his itty bitty mind. Like a boss. Whatever it is, the good, bad or ugly, he says it. As adults we would love the opportunity to really say how we feel but we can't. We have to have a filter and watch others feelings. Ugh. I wish I was a toddler when it came to the unfiltered department. Say it. Mean it. Move on.

4. "Bro". He calls all men "bro". It kinda horrifies my husband that he does this, as it all first started off as a joke. Me, I find it quite witty. To be able to call my boss "bro", or any other insubordinate name, would be highly entertaining.

5. Footloose. The kids got some moves. Some moves you have never seen before. If I was to bring these moves out to the club with me I would get drinks thrown at me. He however can pull them off. And we all freaking cheer him on. No amount of vodka could make these moves look good on me.

There you have it. 
5 simple reasons why my toddler is cooler than I am.


Brittany said...

lol. Funny list! I'm not sure if my preschooler is cooler than me or not--he's just like me, so we're pretty much the same.

Miranda Couse said...

OMG. haha. I think my husband and I just had the same conversation about our 2 year old being cooler than us. The words that come out of his mouth, I can't help but laugh. He also busts out the moves regardless of where we are at. Great post, I love it!

Jenna Brussee said...

Hahah he sounds awesome! What a rock star.