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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

So What

Life After I Dew -The hubs and I were stricken with the nora-hell-virus last week and it took us down. Hard. Like had to call text my mom from the bathroom floor to come get the kids because we simply could not parent. Think one parent sprawled out on the bathroom floor with no thoughts of getting up while the other is in bed keeled over moaning in stomach pains.

-The upside to all of that is that I lost 6 lbs and have been seeming to keep it up. Good kick start to my weight loss. Not what I had in mind but whatever I guess.

- How do people keep their homes so clean all the time? Im talking about the people who have kids and pets. Is there such a thing or am I imaging that there is such a home? I just can't seem to keep our floors from all the pet hair, my hair, remnants of snacks and whatever the heck else the toddler and husband bring into the house unannounced.

-I did buy a new dust-buster the other day and boy do I love that thing. So much easier than pulling out the big 'ol vacuum each time there is a mess. Lets just say that thing should live on my back the amount of messes I clean up.

- Happy Wednesday! Let the countdown to the weekend begin!

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Shannon Dew said...

LOVE your new blog design!!!