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Monday, February 17, 2014

Stitch Fix Review

I received my very first Stitch Fix box the beginning of this month. If you aren't familiar of what Stitch Fix is, it's an amazing concept. Perfect for busy moms on the go. Stitch Fix delivers a box full of gorgeous clothing pieces right to your front door every month. You pick and try on what you want to keep and ship the rest back and pay for your purchases online. Easy. Love it. Can't wait for my next months box to get here!

Now, let me get into the details about it. The actual box itself was cute, brown and turquoise. Can't go wrong. And when you opened it, everything was neatly wrapped up and put together nicely. {well done Stitch Fix, well done}. For this being my very first box ever, my stylist did a great job of getting "me". Here is what she came up with. 

This dress was super comfy. Even though I am not really a dress kinda gal I was very tempted to keep it. At the $108.00 price tag, it seemed kinda steep. If I had a shower or social gathering already planned I would have kept this dress. But, I'm boring and don't. 

This top immediately caught my eye when I opened my box. It was by far my favorite piece in the box. However, it didn't fit just how I wanted it too, so back to Stich it went. The best part of the blouse was the lace detail on the back. 

Gorgeous top and an "ok" price point at $58.00. Hopefully I'll get another top similar to this one again, but obviously with a better fit.

This navy top and Loren Hope necklace ended up being my favorite things in the box. The fit of the top was perfect and that necklace, ooohhhh, that necklace.... Now, I didn't keep either one of them and let me explain why. Two weeks before my Fix arrived on my doorstep, I bought a spitting image of that same top at TJMaxx, except it didn't button down the front. I would have kept the top as it was very reasonably priced at $28.00 {I think} but I just couldn't justify having two similar shirts. And that necklace... Pure regret. I should have bought it. I might actually try to search for it online and get it. Loren Hope's pieces are to die for! Yes they are a bit more expensive at $78.00 but you can tell it is very well made and high quality. 

And then you have this sweater. A complete miss. I hated it. Didn't even want to try it on but I did, for you. Just for this review. Can't you tell in my face that I'm not diggin it...

So, there you have it. My first Stitch Fix review. Come back next month to see what other goodies I got. 

1 comment:

Tausha said...

Do you have to pay to return the items?!

Maybe I'm super cheap - but it seems like ALL the Stitch fix prices are a little steep? Is the quality exceptional?