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Monday, March 10, 2014

Stitch Fix Review Part Two

I think of myself now as a seasoned Stitch Fix subscriber. I am now on my second monthly box subscription and want to share my newest box with you as well as a tip I learned....

If you need a run down on what Stitch Fix is, it is a monthly subscription box that delivers clothing to your front door, 5 pieces in each fix to be exact. All you have to do is

1. Sign up at Stitch Fix
2. Fill out your style profile 
3. And wait for your first box to arrive
4. Try on the pieces and keep and send back what you didn't like
5. Check out online and fill out a brief questionairre so that they can improve your next fix. 

There is a $20 styling fee associated with it, but that $20 will go towards your purchase out of the fix. If you keep all 5 items out of the fix then you get an extra 25% off. 

I am not one to flaunt my turkey gobbler arms all over the place and that is exactly what this box felt like. Now, I don't have horrible arm fat or anything but just am not a fan of showing off my arms in the first place. In my style profile I listed that "sometimes I'll flaunt it", big mistake because I got three shirts out of 5 that were sleeveless. Decided I was not a big fan and changed my profile before the next box came out.

Now, this shirt is lovely. It's color-block. Who doesn't love a good color-block shirt. However, the arm thing and it was rather boxing looking on my small frame. I was also not diggin the price tag on this one. $58.00 for something that I felt like I could get in the juniors section at TJ Maxx for $12.99. Cute but not for me.

I almost pulled the trigger on this top. However, again, the fatty arms..blah blah blah. It would have been a perfect shirt for work with some black pants and then change into some skinny jeans later for happy hours that I no longer can partake in. However that is here nor there. For the price I just couldn't do it. Again $58.00. 

This top screams Cheryl! It is perfect in every way including 3/4 sleeves, except for the length. It is too long on me. I am 5 foot nothing and it was too long. I don't normally tuck in shirts so it really didn't work on me. Plus, since this shirt is so me, I already have five of them hanging in my closet. I would have probably paid the $58.00 since it was "me" and seemed good quality.

This number was a cardigan type thing but it had the asymmetrical lining in the front. I hate the look of that on me. So needless to say. I hated this top and hated the price even more. 

I like basic colors like black, white, navy. Ya know boring stuff, but I also like a pop of color. This shirt is sleeveless but it fit nicely and would look stunning with some white jeans or shorts. I made an exception to my arm fat rule and the high price tag for this one. It should hold up well through the gorgeous Florida days and I know I will get a lot of use out of it. So for $54.00 and the cheapest fix in my box I bought this top.

A few days after I sent my first box back with no buys I had instant regret. I should have bought the dress and that Loren Hope necklace. Since I didn't buy anything in my first Fix I figured the $20.00 styling fee would roll to the next month. It didn't. Lesson learned. It flat out says in the FA on their site but somehow I missed it. So, just so you are aware, IF YOU DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING, THE STYLING FEE DOES NOT ROLL OVER.

Also, Stitch Fix has rockin customer service. After my first post about my review of my first Fix, they emailed me about it thanking me and were ever so kind. Then, when I noticed that I had buyers regret I emailing them asking if I could buy one of their items. They got back to me in a timely manner and even better, with the answer I wanted to hear. Now, I just have to decide how mad my husband may be if I purchase that dress in my first box..hmmm.

Overall, this box was just OK. If I didn't have this weird thing with my arms than it probably would have been great. But I do. I have adjusted my style profile and can't wait to get my next box!


Kyleigh Castronaro said...

I love subscription boxes but I don't have the nerve to try a clothing one. I'm a bit on the bigger side but I fit weird into clothing. Sometimes I can be a medium, other times an xl so I fear that spending money on something like stitch fix where they take $20 essentially to put toward a purchase I'd be nervous nothing fit. I love some of these pieces though and it makes me wish I had the nerve to do it.

How thorough is their sizing profile? Is it worth the risk would you say?

Laura MyNewestAddiction said...

So cute. I am about to try this service for the first time!

Melanie @ bear rabbit bear said...

This seems like such a great service. I've seen several reviews and they all have such positive things to say!

Kathe said...

Thanks for the review. I wasn't familiar with this program so it was good to find out about it!