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Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Best Baby Paraphernalia

I am not a new mom. Nope, I'm a seasoned mom here. My oldest is three and a half and has whit and attitude seeping out his pores. Some days I feel like I got this mommy hood shit on lock down. And, some days I wonder how I do it all, questioning myself as a wife, worker and mom. But, I get through it and wake up the next morning ready to do it all over again.

As a second time new mom I defiantly feel more stressed. When other moms say two is easier than one, these people must be drunk. Its not true. Don't let people  bold face lie to you. But, I can let you in on three little secrets that have made this second time around the mommy hood block a whole hella lot easier. Enter my number one favorite new baby item.

The Baby Breeza.

Now, remember my first kid is only 3.5, that wasn't that long ago. 2010. Its not like it was decades ago. Where and why in the hell did they not invent this thing earlier. I guess they did. Its called a damn tea kettle. But they gotta make it more kid friendly looking and charge an extra $20 bucks to it. This thing is genius and works exactly like an electric tea kettle. Yes, I tried the breastfeeding thing, it didn't work out so well. I pumped, and well yada yada yada, all that info is for another post. This Baby Breeze keeps the water for the babies bottle at the perfect temperature at all times, around 93 degrees I think it is. No more bottle warmers needed. So take yours and throw the dang thing out. They are all ugly in the first place. At least the Baby Brezza is modern looking and if nothing else, it can be a conversation piece. Think, no more standing there staring at the bottle while its being warmed and your sweet face is screaming it's head off.

Rock N Play

This little piece of heaven is a mothers dream. It's light weight, snugly and your baby will sleep like a rock in it. Go buy one, now. The only draw back is that they will only last about 6 months. Once your baby starts rolling over it is suggested to stop using it. Makes sense you don't want the thing to fall over on them.

Swaddleme blankets!!! 

I love, love, love these things. I am so in love with them that we are on our third set.  The other night I hopped onto Amazon to get some more, only to literally shed tears when I found out they don't make them in an XL. What the F. How is baby going to sleep without being swaddle so tightly that his guts are seeping out (I kid, I kid)?? He isn't. And that is a huge, ginormous problem. For who you ask? Me! I need my sleep. You can't take away a moms sleep who is now used to it. It's just not fair. Its not right. If there is no sweet cuddly newborn involved than I would like to take my sleep instead of my coffee IV. However, these are the best if your baby likes to be swaddled. Those A&A blankets are great but wont get a tight swaddle like the Swaddleme's.

So for all your second time moms, or people who are looking for sprinkle gifts, these are where its at!

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