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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cue the Confetti: Blogging Break Over

This is my comeback. Yes it may be my seventeenth blogging come back but never the less, I am here. I am back. Cute the confetti ladies! I do have to say what a great time to make a re-appearance in the blogging world than around the holidays. I have so much to be thankful for and love all things about Christmas (fa-la-la-la). Be on the look out for some holiday gift guides and elf on the shelf sillies.

Also, what a great time to make a come back when you have #hashtags like #iwokeuplikethis, #basicbitch, #tbt, #selfie (because really who doesn't like a good selfie), #bae (because lets get real I just learned what that meant two weeks ago) and my favorite #RBF (resting bitch face). My posts won't typically be chalked full of profanities but these just make my laugh, and again perfect time to come back into the blogging world so I can overuse them while sipping on my #PSL.

I like to think ill stick to this blogging thing for a while but with my 9-5 and crazy boy mom status I may not be posting as much as I like but just send me a little reminder or stop over to the FB page to see what the newest happenings are over there. I will most likely be posting over there more frequently so stop on by to say hey there too. 

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