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Monday, November 24, 2014

T Ball & Life Lessons

Well, the time is here. I have been waiting for this time since Colby was in my belly kicking and moving about. When I was pregnant the standard pregnancy joke came up about how he was going to be a soccer player, but I just had a feeling we would be producing our own little TBall team. 

I have waited to see my little man dressed in his first TBall uniform with glove in hand and a big smile on his precious little face since before day one of his life.

Watching your little toddler learn about the game of baseball will just make your big squishy mama heart just about explode. The uniform in itself is just too cute for words and then to hear him talking to his team mates in the dug out about boy things just gets me. My baby is not a baby any more. 

This thing I am calling TBall is not just a game, they are life lessons that he is learning.  How to work as a team, pay attention, listen to directions, respect people, self worth, are just a few things I have personally seen this season. He is making me prouder and prouder as the Saturday games continue. 

While #bigbrotherCEnlow (thats his hashtag on Instagram) plays, mommy and #Aussiegrams (Austin's hashtag on IG) watch, giggle, feed each other puffs and give lots of kisses. I need to relish these sweet moments with my Aussie because soon enough he will be playing right along with his big brother. 

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