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Friday, February 28, 2014

Babies, Cash, Jesus & Honey

I simply can't get over this picture. For one, little sweet A is getting so big and looks very darling in his Swanky Shank. Secondly, I know I mentioned my love for the Rhonna Designs app in this post  but it is such a fun app to add a bit a whimsy to your pics. They finally have the Droid app and to say I am a bit obsessed is an understatement. Look out, all my IG pics may be filled with Rhonna Designs from now.

Starting tomorrow I am co-hosting a sweet giveaway on the blog. $400.00 in cold hard cash! Set a reminder on your phone so you remember to stop by and enter. 

I may have talked about my love for the Jesus Calling book before in a post, but this little bitty devotional makes a big impact on my day. Every morning when I get to work I read my devotional for the day. Somehow it seems to speak directly to me and know what I need to hear or work on. 

The prints in my home need to be updated. If you were to walk into our house and looked at all of our pics you would think that Colby was an only child. Well, now that A is here I need to do some updating. I would also like some pretty prints or quotes to frame. What are some of your favorite Etsy shops for prints?

Oh allergies how I loathe you!! Instead of pumping myself with the good 'ol Zyrtec this year, I think I'm going to try some local honey. Hopefully the result will benefit my itchy scratchy eyes and throat and give me some relief. I have heard such great things about it and figure I might as well try something natural rather than giving myself harmful chemicals. We shall see. 

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kinda Girl

-thinks she is hilarious. It's true. I'm funny. And yes, I will laugh at my own jokes.

-has to have my morning cup of coffee. If I don't, I get a raging SOB headache.

-curses like a sailor. It's a flaw I'm working on. I blame my workplace.

-has a dry sense of humor. I think sarcasm is my second language.

-would prefer to watch an action/blood and guts movie over a romcom any day.

-reads E-Cards to cheer me up. Preferably the meaniest ones that no one in their right mind would say out loud. Those make my heart smile when I need a good laugh. (the latest ones I'm loving are: "I found a special medication for your bitching. It's called Shut The F*ck Up" and Yoga pants and a t-shirt...did I just wake up or get off the treadmill? No one will ever know")

-pushes "OK" whenever a prompt on the computer pops up. Whatever it is saying I don't care. Just push "OK". Drives my husband bat shit.

-doesn't like to get rid of things. Again, drives my husband bat shit. I could possible use it again in another lifetime or it may come back in style in the next ten years.

-has to have the kitchen spotless but could careless how the dishwasher is organized. Just throw them in and get them out of sight.

-loves, bacon, wine and Oreos. But I guess who doesn't?

-used to not be caught dead without makeup in public. Well, now I have kids and ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

-that hates feelings. It's true. If you know me IRL you know what I'm talking about.

-that goes right to her room when she gets home from work and takes off all her clothes and gets immediately into yoga pants. Don't try to get me to do anything before I get into my yoga pants. It's not happening.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

So What

Life After I Dew

- that I pulled off the best surprise last weekend and still can't believe she had no idea. It was my bestest friends 32nd birthday and I totally surprised her by taking her to do a girls day. The thing is, she lives 2 hours away. So, I got up at the crack of dawn and drove 2 hours and snuck into her kitchen while she was getting ready (her husband let me in) and when she walked down the stairs I was just standing there all nonchalantly. It was so much fun and wish we could it on a monthly basis.

-that we went to get massages (which was glorious by the way) and I was bruised the next day. This Mama's got a lot of tension and stress. Seems that I keep it all in my neck and upper back.

-that I downloaded the new Rhonna Designs app and am kinda in love. I could play around with this app for hours. Thank goodness the app gods finally got around to the Android version.

-that I look forward to Fridays at 1:45 p.m. every single week. If you follow me on Instagram you will see all my yummy Friday snacks. I normally either go to Panera or Starbucks, grab a yummy treat and blog and have time to myself. It is my favorite time of the week. Even if it is only for a couple of hours.

-if I am a little obsessed with my new blog design. I have waited a while for it to finally be done but it was well worth the wait. Now im going to work on getting a couple things personalized with my new header. Eeek! Can't wait to show you.

Now go see what everyone else is saying "So What" to today by hopping over to Life After I Dew's Blog. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

How I Manage It All

Sometimes I wonder how I do it all. Ya know, Wifey, Mommy, Kick Ass Paralegal, Maid, Booty Wiper, Family Planner, Travel Agent, Bed Time Drill Sergeant, Dietitian, and whatever the hell else I do. Some days go very smoothly, and other days there are tears. Mostly from the toddler of course but tears and lots of soggy tissues. Those easy days don't come as often as I would like, but I guess that is what life is all about. 

For me, silence is crucial to my sanity. I knew this B.K.(Before Kids) and yet still decided to pull the trigger on "purchasing" two noise boxes. Of course my noise boxes are the loves of my life but that isn't what this post is all about. This post is to explain how I attempt to remember life's "to do's".

I am a full on social media addict. I love it and can't seem to get enough. I have my phone close to me at all times to keep up with the latest shit shows, announcements, and Facebook blasts. However, I just can't seem to wrap my mind around a calendar on my phone. Simple concept right? Type in your appointments, daily tasks, etc. and it notifies you of the appointment and blah blah blah. We all know how they work. I am a child of the '80's after all and slowly grew up around computers, so you would think I would be all over this, but I'm not. Paper people. Paper. My 2 time post partum mind can't remember *ish if I don't write it down. So, in attempts to juggle my working, wifely, mommy duties, I gotta write EVERYTHING down. 

If we are hanging out, at any given moment, a random loud buzzing noises or bird chirping may excrete from my purse or hand. I have about 7 alarms that will go off throughout the day. For what? Simple stupid reminders. Like, "hey girl, you aren't pregnant anymore you need to change your tampon" or "take your thyroid medicine so you don't end up passed out on your keyboard at work" or my favorite one "pick up your kids from daycare"because I will forget to do one or all of these on any given day.

Everyday I am locked, loaded and armed with my Sugar Paper planner (in need of a cute monogram on the front mind you), loud smartphone that constantly goes off (smarter than me because it can remember shit), pens, lots of to do lists with scratchy handwriting and check marks, sticky notes (lots of sticky notes) apps, apps and more apps (my fav is for  listing making is S Memo for Android) and coupon envelopes, and still feel like I can't  get it all together. But somehow I do. I manage. 

What are some of your favorite apps, planner or organizational tools that help you. I am constantly looking for new ways to help me remember any and all of my tasks. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

So What

Life After I Dew -The hubs and I were stricken with the nora-hell-virus last week and it took us down. Hard. Like had to call text my mom from the bathroom floor to come get the kids because we simply could not parent. Think one parent sprawled out on the bathroom floor with no thoughts of getting up while the other is in bed keeled over moaning in stomach pains.

-The upside to all of that is that I lost 6 lbs and have been seeming to keep it up. Good kick start to my weight loss. Not what I had in mind but whatever I guess.

- How do people keep their homes so clean all the time? Im talking about the people who have kids and pets. Is there such a thing or am I imaging that there is such a home? I just can't seem to keep our floors from all the pet hair, my hair, remnants of snacks and whatever the heck else the toddler and husband bring into the house unannounced.

-I did buy a new dust-buster the other day and boy do I love that thing. So much easier than pulling out the big 'ol vacuum each time there is a mess. Lets just say that thing should live on my back the amount of messes I clean up.

- Happy Wednesday! Let the countdown to the weekend begin!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Toddler is Cooler Than I Am

At what point in my toddler's life did he become cooler than I am? I am no longer cool. Is it because I use the word "cool"? Who knows...

Here are my top 5 reasons why my toddler is cooler than I am...

1. He looks like a bad ass in his aviators. He can rock the hell out of some sunglasses. Me on the other hand...I dont even own a pair of aviators, the last pair of sunglasses I bought myself was 6 years ago. Pre-kids. When we were DINKS and living the high life. I can't afford those shits anymore.

2. He jams out to the Beatles. Listening to the Beatles to pass the time is his idea of a relaxing. Beatles people. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, Strawberry Fields, ya know. My kid has better taste in music than I do. He is also into Lorde. Inappropriate, yes, but also kinda hilarious when you hear him singing "royyyallls, ooohhh". Mom fail. Or wait, is it really?

3. He says whatever comes to his itty bitty mind. Like a boss. Whatever it is, the good, bad or ugly, he says it. As adults we would love the opportunity to really say how we feel but we can't. We have to have a filter and watch others feelings. Ugh. I wish I was a toddler when it came to the unfiltered department. Say it. Mean it. Move on.

4. "Bro". He calls all men "bro". It kinda horrifies my husband that he does this, as it all first started off as a joke. Me, I find it quite witty. To be able to call my boss "bro", or any other insubordinate name, would be highly entertaining.

5. Footloose. The kids got some moves. Some moves you have never seen before. If I was to bring these moves out to the club with me I would get drinks thrown at me. He however can pull them off. And we all freaking cheer him on. No amount of vodka could make these moves look good on me.

There you have it. 
5 simple reasons why my toddler is cooler than I am.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Stitch Fix Review

I received my very first Stitch Fix box the beginning of this month. If you aren't familiar of what Stitch Fix is, it's an amazing concept. Perfect for busy moms on the go. Stitch Fix delivers a box full of gorgeous clothing pieces right to your front door every month. You pick and try on what you want to keep and ship the rest back and pay for your purchases online. Easy. Love it. Can't wait for my next months box to get here!

Now, let me get into the details about it. The actual box itself was cute, brown and turquoise. Can't go wrong. And when you opened it, everything was neatly wrapped up and put together nicely. {well done Stitch Fix, well done}. For this being my very first box ever, my stylist did a great job of getting "me". Here is what she came up with. 

This dress was super comfy. Even though I am not really a dress kinda gal I was very tempted to keep it. At the $108.00 price tag, it seemed kinda steep. If I had a shower or social gathering already planned I would have kept this dress. But, I'm boring and don't. 

This top immediately caught my eye when I opened my box. It was by far my favorite piece in the box. However, it didn't fit just how I wanted it too, so back to Stich it went. The best part of the blouse was the lace detail on the back. 

Gorgeous top and an "ok" price point at $58.00. Hopefully I'll get another top similar to this one again, but obviously with a better fit.

This navy top and Loren Hope necklace ended up being my favorite things in the box. The fit of the top was perfect and that necklace, ooohhhh, that necklace.... Now, I didn't keep either one of them and let me explain why. Two weeks before my Fix arrived on my doorstep, I bought a spitting image of that same top at TJMaxx, except it didn't button down the front. I would have kept the top as it was very reasonably priced at $28.00 {I think} but I just couldn't justify having two similar shirts. And that necklace... Pure regret. I should have bought it. I might actually try to search for it online and get it. Loren Hope's pieces are to die for! Yes they are a bit more expensive at $78.00 but you can tell it is very well made and high quality. 

And then you have this sweater. A complete miss. I hated it. Didn't even want to try it on but I did, for you. Just for this review. Can't you tell in my face that I'm not diggin it...

So, there you have it. My first Stitch Fix review. Come back next month to see what other goodies I got. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

I Love, Love...

Hi Friday, I thought you would never show up. As you may know, Friday is my favorite day of the week...duh. Not just because its Friday but because I can link with one of my favorite blogs, The Good Life Blog for this little fab link up called 5 on Friday. Here are my 5 things that im dishing on.

Thank goodness today is Friday. And not only is it Friday its Valentines Day! Here are some cute Superhero Valentine's that I printed off from Etsy. Who needs pink and red hearts when you can have superhero's! 


We don't really have any plans for VDay. A nice take out dinner, some wine, chocolate covered strawberries, and mindless tv with the hubs sounds perfect enough for me.


Am I the only one who actually likes the USA Olympic sweaters? They defiantly stand out and show our countries pride. I think good old Ralph Lauren did an amazing job. And Miss Bows & Sequins is rockin it in her sweater. Go USA! 


Now that Dexter ended and broke my heart by having the most pathetic ending in television history, I had to find a new serial killer show and The Following fits that bill. After the first episode I was addicted. Go watch it if you are missing some Dexter Morgan in your life. Your void will be filled. 


I got my first Stitch Fix and am pretty much am obsessed with it. All the pieces I got were gorgeous. I can't wait to get my next box, im pretty sure it will be perfection. My review will becoming soon. Stay tuned.

See ya next Friday!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Oh Brother

When you are pregnant with your second little love you think about how your original baby will react to the newest addition to the family. You dream of the day when they will first meet. You envision exactly how the official meeting of the brothers will go. 

I spent hours dwelling over this exact moment. I did some reading on what to do when the new baby arrives, how to treat big brother and make him feel special. I read big brother books to the impending big brother so he had an idea of what was coming. I constantly worried about how he would feel and handle his mommy not being at his beckon call. It made me sad. I couldn't imagine that my baby was no longer my baby. It was all heartbreaking to me. 

But life as we know it, never seems to go how we plan. I had this grandiose idea how they would instantaneously be best friends. There would be lots of hugging, sweet kisses and cuddles with big brother showing him all his cool big boy Batman's and race cars. Big bro would want to hold him on his lap, feed him his bottle, and wheel him around in his bike basket. He would want to touch his face and squeeze him until his guts fell out. I was ready for it. Ready for it all because this is what big brothers do. Its part of the initiation into brotherhood.

Or so I thought. None of this happened. Not a single one of those things. The first hospital visit was a whirlwind. There were at least 7 people in our little hospital room at a time. Big brother thought all the people were there to see him. He thought it was a little party starring Colby and Nanna, Granddaddy, Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Nic were all invited to his party. I think he looked at his new little brother once, and it was a quick glance when he ran by in a flash to go retrieve his new car that he was playing with on the floor. 

We decided that the hospital didn't really count as the official meeting. It was too busy there, big brother was out of his routine with us being gone and there were too many people around. So, once we were all settled in back home we walked up to him while he was on the couch and tried to place his sweet little brother in his arms with some simple instructions. Be still and dont drop him. Faster than I can say "Prestige Worldwide" he was off the couch and my eardrums were bleeding. He wanted nothing to do with that thing we were trying to give him. 

We kept at big brother. We tried a couple more times to get him to hold him with no luck. We asked why he didn't want to hold him with the hilarious responses of "he's too heavy" and "im too big". My mama heart began to sink. This is not what I pictured. In fact, I have never even heard of such a thing. All my mama friends kids were into their siblings. They posted the sweetest Instgram pics of the two holding each other and gazing into each others eyes, with captions of "they just love each other" "sisterly love" and "be still my heart". They even told some of the funniest stories of how the oldest would try to drag around the innocent baby like a babydoll, stacking pillows on top of the baby because he needed to be comfy and covering the babies face with blankets because he was cold. Their bond was instant. 

I'm sitting over here just trying to get my kid to even look at his little brother. No bond here. Nothing.

Here I am, 4 months after sweet baby Austin has been born with only a total of 3 holds under 20 seconds and about 7 kisses on the cheek on the record. All of the above stats were solely on bribes. He has absolutely no interest in his brother. But you know what? I have finally come to the realization that it is ok. They have the rest of their lives to bond, to tackle each other, beat each other up, brake bones together, sneak out, and basically make my calm life as I know it disappear. I will be yearning for these nondramatic days. 

So big bro, whenever you are ready to meet your brother, he will be in his room doing his homework. Don't be surprised when he sucker punches you in the face for not speaking to him for 5 years. 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

I Heart Canvases

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