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Friday, July 1, 2016

Coffee Lover

Ok, ok so I took a long, long blogging break, like 2 years long I think it was. I needed it though. I am back and refreshed. I will mostly be posting on my Facebook page  but will stop in here occasionally too. 

Now to say my life is busy is an understatement. With being a full time paralegal, wife, housekeeper, cook, boo-boo kisser, and overall boy mom, I like to think I can juggle it all but in reality I am often treading water. But, thats life right. One thing you will realize very quickly is that what gets me by is COFFEE. I LOVE COFFEE. It's a sick obsession I tell ya...

So, in the midst of my crazy day, I got off work, ran to Publix (by the way if your area doesn't have a Publix than I'm sorry for you) to grab the random essentials (my mid-week randoms this week were strawberries, granola bars, eggs, muffin mix, and wine) before I had to race to go get the boys and ran across this Stumptown Coffee Roasters and this International Delight creamer so of course its coffee related so I threw it in my basket because...why not right? Well, holy geez this is THE BEST COLD BREW COFFEE and CREAMER ever! I suggest you grab some on your next grocery run! And another plus it is saving me money instead of running to Starbucks on my lunch break for a caffeine fix. ‪#‎mom life‬  

Do you have any other go to caffeine suggestions. I love coffee but will not turn down a healthy caffeine fix.

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