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    Foshan Risun Group Co.,Ltd is a new material enterprise committed to the application and promotion of various new material additives, integrating scientific research, sales and service, providing customers with more new material solutions and creating real value for customers. Our additives cover plastic adhesives, waterborne coatings, 3D printing materials, electronic materials, nano materials and other industries.

    Foshan Risun Group Co.,Ltd is located in Foshan, the core business district of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. It has several subsidiaries developed in different industries, has independent import and export trade, and has set up branches in Hong Kong. We have more than fifty thousand customers, and its sales network covers South China, East China, central China and southwest China, which can closely monitor our whole supply chain from procurement to delivery. Our company is also equipped with diversified services, such as import and export customs clearance, chemical logistics chain, real estate leasing and supply chain assistance, so as to realize the integration of customs clearance, warehouse logistics supply data sharing and whole process visual traceability, realize dynamic zero inventory, provide customers with product solutions and technical applications, assist customers in financing, and solve inventory and capital problems for customers. These services are to ensure better service to customers.

    Our positioning is better to help customers find precise products or new material additives, which can not only meet the needs of customers, but also often exceed the needs of customers.

    Since in 1993, its establishment .our company has always established close cooperative relations with well-known chemical manufacturers in the United States, Japan and Europe. With many years of industry experience and market insight, we can choose the most reliable raw material suppliers and establish lasting sales relations with foreign suppliers.

    Foshan Risun Group Co.,Ltd is committed to developing new products and improving existing products, providing customers with full supply chain services, exploring new possibilities, realizing sustainable development and achieving win-win results.
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