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    Polymer emulsion
    Provide more possibilities for formulation

    Nano core-shell emulsion is produced by seed emulsion polymerization technology. Water, emulsifier, water soluble initiator and monomer are added into the reactor, and then nucleated and polymerized at a certain temperature to produce latex particles with enough number and small granularity. The particle size distribution is stable, with typical core shell structure, and the emulsion performance is stable. 

    Due to the rich selection of monomers and flexible production mode, it is very conducive to the development of new products
    Provide customers with more possibilities in different application fields

    How to choose the right product depends on your application. We always suggest you contact us to discuss your needs.

    ?Building Emulsion——Reinforcing the waterproof and crack resistance of cement mortar has little effect on the strength of cement mortar.
    ?Emulsion for paints, inks and coatings——It can be used as an additive to enhance the crack resistance of the coating, especially for brittle coatings such as waterborne epoxy resins
    ?Electrode binder——Good flexibility to withstand bending of electrodes and volume changes of active substance particles
    ?Emulsion for Lithium Ion Battery separator——It has good elasticity and excellent bonding strength, and is well wetted to PE / PP isolation film substrate. It is suitable for the binder of isolation film ceramic slurry

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