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    Engineering plastics additive
    Compared with general plastics, engineering plastics can meet higher requirements in mechanical properties, durability, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, etc. They are also easier to process and can replace metal materials. Engineering plastics are widely used in electronics, electrical, automotive, construction, office equipment, machinery, aerospace and other industries. Replacing steel with plastics and wood with plastics has become an international trend.
    Engineering plastics has become the fastest growing field in the world plastics industry. Its development not only supports the national pillar industries and modern high-tech industries, but also promotes the transformation of traditional industries and the adjustment of product structure.

    With the improvement of people's living standard and the progress of technical means, the demand for plastic modification is increasing. The engineering plastic additive of Kaneka provides a series of solutions for the modification of Engineering plastics.

    How to choose the right product depends on your application. We always suggest you contact us to discuss your needs


    O:Very suitable    O:suit
    ?Kaneka ® M Impact modifier– The terpolymer MBS of methyl methacrylate (m), butadiene (b) and styrene (s) has a typical core-shell structure and improves the impact resistance of the materia
    ?Kaneka ® FM Impact modifier– Acrylate polymer(ACM) is a weather resistant impact modifier, which is especially suitable for outdoor products
    ?Kaneka ® MR Impact modifier –Silicon-acrylate polymer is a kind of impact modifier with excellent weather resistance, thermal stability and chemical resistance 
    Kaneka ® MP Light diffusion modifier –Acrylate polymer can increase the scattering and transmission of light and achieve the comfortable effect of light transmission and opacity

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