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    Application Laboratory
    Our company has a strong technical service team and application laboratory. The application laboratory was established in 2015. Since its establishment six years ago, the laboratory has maintained close exchanges and cooperation with academia and industry.
    The laboratory mainly provides development and research services in processing technology and additive modification. Service industries include engineering plastic modification, 3D printing materials, electronic sealant, adhesive, composite materials, electronic materials, water-based coatings and PVC plastic modification. Our laboratory has a certain foundation in basic theoretical research, equipped with Brabender in Germany and Toyoseik torque rheometer in Japan, and double roll open mill; High speed mixer, plate vulcanizer, notch impact tester, electronic universal tensile machine and other instruments and equipment. At the same time, our company has cooperated with many cooperative units to develop and innovate.
    Since its establishment, the laboratory has been committed to the development of new materials, additives and other new materials application technology development to provide customers with the competitive strength they expect.
    Chemical Logistics
    Collaboration, interconnection and ecological integration of Chemical Logistics realizes the full connection between cargo owners, carriers, drivers and consignees, so management is conducted anytime, anywhere; it also realizes the goal of data sharing and the whole process transparent. It connects various upstream and downstream systems at the same time to realize the management of one platform with multiple systems. It produces various visual data reports based on the data of all parties on the platform,providing effective guidance for the future. Not limited to computers, it is connected with mobile app to realize mobile office, and strengthen the interaction between the links to improve the efficiency. Wechat and Wechat applet increase the diversification of management.
    Supply Chain Assistant
    Supply chain finance is not only a professional field of credit business of commercial banks, but also a financing channel for enterprises, especially the small and medium-sized enterprises. Banks provide financing and other settlement and financial services to the customers; they provide convenience for loans to suppliers ; also the prepayment and inventory financing services to their distributors. Our company cooperates with many banks to help customers with high-quality supply platform, customize personalized payment collection scheme, dynamic settlement and reverse factoring, assisting customers in financing, which is used to pay for the purchase.
    Import and export comprehensive service platform
    In 2018, Foshan Risun Group Co.,Ltd was recognized as an AEO Certified Enterprise, providing a one-stop solution for the whole process of foreign trade. The company provides small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises with all kinds of import and export services, such as shipping logistics, agency technology,customs clearance, foreign exchange collection and settlement, export tax rebate, credit insurance services and information services through the Internet.
    Market promotion
    Through market research and analysis,effective product planning and management, we can quickly help our suppliers expand product market share and Increase product sales.
    Our company has successfully helped our partners launch many new products and occupied a certain market share.
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